Monday, July 02, 2007


Hopped on scales this morning and have lost a kilo. Have not been watching what I eat, have done very little exercise lately so I cant explain it why this has happened.

DS has gone and seems to be having a whale of a time in London although the security alerts are worrying (probably only to me and other mothers whose children are in UK - definitely not the children themselves).

DD is having a rocky time with romance. Know what I would like to tell her but have to be careful. It breaks my heart to see her so sad.

I am on 2 weeks holiday and am off to the theatre, a couple of lunches, coffee dates and of course our annual four days in the Hunter. The last day of work on Friday was spent with no electricity due to a transformer exploding across the creek so I will have to go down and finish up the reports but I dont mind doing that.

The weather is glorious winter weather again. The rain seems to have gone for the time being and it is crisp and sunny. Lucy and I will be walking to rid her of some puppy pounds.

The Wallabies won on Saturday night! Woohoo!

For my first day of holidays I have a very long list of things to do like Medicare etc and then I will be free to paint, read, do crosswords etc.

Have a good week. I am going to spend time catching up with everyones blogs and answering emails etc etc. It is so nice to have some time to do things.

Have a good week.


  1. Hi, Understand your DS worries - I sms'd No 2 son last night to make sure he was OK - he's in Greece at the moment and then heading for Italy for 3 days so he's well out of it - although the security when he's coming back will be unreal I'd imagine. And woohoo for the kilo off - could do with it happening to me! Enjoy your holidays - I used to be a registrar in a primary school and loved all those holidays (and the hours) but I earn about three times more now so can afford to go nice places when I do get holidays - guess you can't have everything! Have fun and don't work too hard!
    Z xx

  2. The bombs in London are worrying, but as a mother it's certainly fair enough to worry a tad more than the average bear.

    As for your daughter, that must be tough to see too. The boy and I had a false start before we got together happily, and a few years ago he mentioned that Dad was a bit cold towards him for a while. Hehe - GO DAD! I think the boy thought it a bit rough, but wait and see how he feels when someone has his kid in tears one time too often.

    Want to swap lives for the next couple of weeks? Of course you don't, but I am green with envy - enjoy every second of relaxation and fun!

  3. Maybe it was the stress with the worry of DS in London and all the security alerts there, or the rocky romance of DD....but whatever take that lost kilo and enjoy it!!
    ahhhhhhhh holidays, can't wait, I go at the end of the enjoys yours, have fun and RELAX!!!


  4. Are you the type to lose weight over stress? My brother has just left for overseas too and I think it's natural to worry. You wouldn't be the wonderful you are if you didn't worry about your kids. Just make sure you stop soon so you can enjoy the rest of your holdiday. Your kids will always find their feet especially because you're there for them :-)