Friday, November 23, 2007

Good News

After a week of following the "core plan", and remember it is the first week, I managed to shed 1.8 kgs.

I'm not sure I am doing it correctly but I must be doing something right. It is good not to have to think too hard about what I can eat or what I cant - it's either yes or no. Even with going out a couple of times I didnt use all my 21 extra points. Ive been managing about a litre of water a day (I can include tea, diet drinks etc for at least half but I dont count them in my water tally). At the party on Saturday night there was a smorgasbord/spit roast so I just had meat and mixed green salad plus a couple of glasses of wine, no nibblies beforehand and no birthday cake .

I have managed two alcohol free (maybe three) days this week. I really look forward to my glass of low cal wine while I am cooking dinner so even managing two days is a milestone for me I guess.

Except for one Lucywalk, one pilates session and one yoga session there has been no exercise this week to speak of. I have booked a session with a personal trainer next Monday afternoon so hopefully I will again begin to feel motivated.

Anyway back to the fray. I can hear those jatz biscuits calling me but I will be strong......


  1. Good going Julie! Looking forward to hearing about the personal trainer.

  2. What can I say but well done, an awesome effort!!! And without excersise too....goodonya, keep it up!

  3. Well done! That's fantastic!!!