Monday, November 12, 2007

Sun is shining and all's right with the world

The sun is finely back out and I am feeling a lot better already. Sitting in my study with a gentle breeze coming through the window - I feel so good (except for the damn itching still).

I realise that the weather does have a lot to do with my "wellness". I know we need the rain and my garden certainly does love the past week or so of rain but it gets me down after a while and activates all those extra aches and pains.

Daylight saving doesnt help me either. I love the fact that there is all this extra light at the end of the day now but I am jetlagged and in previous years I have been jetlagged for the six months (now seven soon to be eight) of daylight saving. Soooo, if anyone has any hints for coping with daylight saving let me know.

Damn, I just realised I am whinging again.

Food intake has good days, not so good days and extremely horrible days. Alcohol ditto.

Exercise has become almost non existant except for yoga and pilates. My yoga classes are run through the local community college and I have just realised that they will not be running through the summer holidays so I am going to ask the instructor if she can recommend a DVD similar to what how she teaches. I feel so good after Wednesday nights lately and I am hopeless at remembering the sequences so this may be the answer. I still do my stretching yoga some mornings but havent been doing the ones in the evening. Not enough hours and the TV and DVD is always being used which brings me to I have ordered a portable DVD player through Flybuys as I was starting to lose points and I like the idea of being able to follow the yoga DVDs anywhere. Hasnt arrived yet though.

The other thing I have ordered and received is a white wine from Trentham Estate called "Two Thirds". It is reduced alcohol (8.5%) and is okay for quaffing on a Sunday night with friends. Dont know the calories involved but know I dont get "merry" quite so quickly.

Biggest Loser (US one) has started again on Friday nights.

Hope everyone is travelling well this week


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. You and I are like sunflowers. We need the sun and warmth to make us feel OK ;-)

  2. Let us know what the low-alcohol wine is like. A friend was drinking it on the weekend, but I didn't try any.

  3. Those
    portable DVD's players are the eldest bought 2 for his kids while they travelled over East....

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh you and me darl, I hate daylight saving, just an extra hour of daylight for the ole body to cope with, yep need ideas too!!!