Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's been a long time

I'm home sick today hence I have time to do this. Tucked up in bed, wireless. Bit uncomfortable as puppy wont move.

What has been happening? Have been having weekly injections and taking lots of meds for RA but it seems to be getting worse plus am having to put up with side effects like mouth ulcers and incredible tiredness. Last Sunday week, while hurrying for train, somehow hurt my left foot/ankle so have been unable to do any exercise because of the pain. Dont think I broke anything, maybe just a bad strain. Went to doctors and she has sent me to a podiatrist (?) because "he knows more about feet than me"!!!!!! Anyway I see him this Thursday so we will see.

No exercise and eating like there is no tomorrow. I know I shouldnt, I know it wont make me feel better, actually makes me feel worse, but I cant seem to stop myself. How lame is that?

I want to turn all this around but dont know how to start yet again. Need to shake things up. Feeling bored and despondent.

Anyway enough of depressing stuff. Autumn is here and the nights are cooler and there is that something in the air that lifts my spirit. I dont know what it is but I know I need to get out there more and inhale it. You know, the dampness, the smell of woodsmoke, the autumn leaves, the damp soil, the light - quite my favourite time of year.

I have been making a series of lists to try and help me get back on track but I really have to stop doing this. They just set me up for failure as there is no way I can keep them up. What did John Lennon sing "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans". Note fromthe No. 1 list maker - THEY DON'T WORK!

Anyway I am off to read blogs for a while to catch up on those who have kept blogging. The list gets smaller and smaller.


  1. Sorry to hear you sounding so down. Feeling like you are no wonder you are struggling to start again. I'm sure you will though.

    Love the reminder of the John Lennon - line, makes you think!

  2. Have been wondering how al was going...sorry to hear you "down" ...hope you feeling better soon.

  3. Sorry you're having such a shitty time and you amaze me with how good you are about staying upbeat. Hope things improve for your soon. Love Z xx