Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day Two Holiday break

Slept in until phone rang with unwelcome caller. A teacher from a local high school wanting keys to our kayaks. How did he get my home phone number and no I am not going to work or lend him keys. Honestly the hide of some people.

Work has started next door on subdividing their block of land and they are putting in the new pipes. Digging digging digging, ripping our trees apart and damaging the side fences. Feeling uptight and decidely unneighbourably. Jus breather deeply.

Today is cool/cold, windy and rainy. But the light is glorious. A soft calming autumn light not the sullen swollen light of winter. Even though there is no sun it is bright.

I have self medicated this morning. Pain has been fairly bad lately and am having trouble walking. Rummaged in the cupboard and found Gareth's panadeine fortes and took one. I know I shouldnt have used someone else medication and I know I will have to take something later to counteract the codeine but I dont care. I can feel the edge has been taken off the pain already. I need to go to mall today to get more meds so I really needed to be mobile.

Todays other job, when I get back home is to sort out my study yet again and maybe do a little painting. Might even set up a table in the family room so I can paint while catching up on all the shows I have recorded over the past few weeks.

Am slowly catching up with everyone through google reader . Still over 90 posts to go but I am getting there.

I hope everyone is travelling well this week....

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  1. Hope the pain eased and you managed to do your chores.

    Take it easy,
    Jen xx