Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Inspiring Lady

Went to gym today to hear Dianna Williams, cofounder of Fernwood gyms, speak about her new book about why Women should do weight training.

It was opportune timing for me

1. On holidays so I actually could attend a mid morning event
2. Have been concentrating on weights since cardio has become a problem for me

She was an inspiring person and her story should be read by everyone who doubts that they cant achieve anything because it is too hard. Her advice - take small steps and nothing is impossible - hard yes but not impossible.

Am slowly starting to feel better - still lots of aches and pains but I think that is to be expected. The strategy I had to sleep in is not working. Unfortunately the rest of the world is not sleeping in. I have rediscovered the joys of reading books and even though I do enjoy listening to audio books in the car and when I am watering the garden (not lately due to copious amounts of rain) reading a book tucked up on the lounge on a rainy windy day would have to be one of life's greatest treats.

I even went out and bought two more yesterday. The new Marion Keyes one and Cathy Kelly's new one. Chick books I know but I love light reading at the moment.

Ordered new frames for glasses yesterday. Jess came with me to ensure I got something trendy and not too god awful. It certainly brings you down to earth when trying glasses on your daughter vetoes your taste. But the ones she said looked good on me luckily were ones I also liked.

Gareth and his new girlfriend came for dinner last night and it is lovely to see him happy and relaxed again.

Having lunch with Jess again tomorrow and then lunch on Thursday with my sister. I think I am working these meals into my "core plan". I have been using the planner on the weightwatchers website and it is really good. I also bought a Core Plan Cookbook from weight watchers meeting and the recipes are really nice and everyone seems to like them to the extent that any leftovers disappear from the fridge as if my magic. This is something unusual because they dont usually like "diet" food.

Anyway I am off to do the ironing and watch last Sunday's "Brothers and Sisters". Being on holidays makes me very disorganised and the ironing is threatening to take over the family room because I keep thinking there is always tomorrow.

I can see blue skies out the study window. Here's hoping that the rain eases enough for me to get some washing dried and finish the hedge clipping that I started last week. Hedges look like deranged poodles at the moment as they are only half done.

Enjoy your week


  1. That would have been so interesting to hear Dianna Williams. I think I will have to try weights or something too. I haven't been able to do anything for weeks.

    Glad you are enjoying your little holiday. :-)

  2. Snap to the books!!! I'm reading Cathy Kelly and Marian Keyes is next!

    I may look at the Dianne Williams one - sounds interesting:-)

  3. ohhh I like Marian Keyes too....nothing better to sit back and read, one of my favourite winter passtimes is sitting in front of wood fire in pj's and good chick book!

  4. Have to agree about the joys of curling up with a good book! I started trimming azalea bushes a couple weeks ago, after they bloomed. Now more have finished blooming, and your mention of hedges reminded me I need to work up a head of steam and trim some more!