Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coping or not coping

I have tried to check emails and blogs but just cant. We are not functioning well at the moment.

My daughters best friend/little sister was killed on Monday night in a motorcycle accident.

Jess met her in primary school when Jess was a buddy to the kindergarten students and they have been friends ever since. Like sisters in a lot of ways.

She is just coping with the grief and I am not doing much better. I remember Jess teaching her to dive in our pool. I remember so many things from the last 14 years.

I am so extremely sorry that a family has lost a daughter, especially at this time of year, just before mothers day.

Life is certainly crappy sometimes.

To a girl who's smile could light up a room - vale Ash.............


  1. Oh Julie, how awful. There really is no way of reconciling a loss such as this. It should give the rest of us a reality check about what is truly important.

    Although your genuine affection towards their daughter would not touch the sides of their grief, I hope that one day Ash's parents can find some comfort in your warm feelings. No doubt Jess has now become all the more important to them now.

    It's just so sad. Hang in there.

  2. Oh Julie - how terribly sad - and what a dreadful time for you and Jess and for her family. There are no words to make this any better - I feel for you both. Love z xx

  3. That's dreadful news Julie, how very sad. Seems a real waste of such a young life. Thoughts with Jess and you all.

  4. Ohhh Julie, I feel for you and Jess...
    Big hugs and loves are a coming your way...

  5. My thoughts are with you and your dear daughter and her friend's family. So unfair and so sad. xx

  6. So sorry to read this terrible news. Will say a little prayer for all of you.