Friday, January 30, 2009

The week that was plus more

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Mark actually suggested that we go looking at lounges on Australia Day. I suppose there is a first for everything. So off we went to King Furniture and even though they are horrendously priced I knew he would love the construction (engineers are like that). We had a great time with a great salesperson who wasnt too pushy and left with leather samples and catalogues. Much measuring later (Mark measuring not me) and I sent off an email last night with a request for a new price because the suite we had liked was a bit too big so just awaiting that and step one in the remodelling of the family room has been completed. It wont be delivered until after Easter but that will fit in with the plans for knocking walls out and polishing floors (I hope).

Back at work this week after 5 weeks holiday and chaos has reigned. My office looks like a cyclone has blown through it and I dont work well in mess but at the moment both work and home offices are disgraceful. Didnt help that I had to take a day off for a first aid course so actually only worked three days and got pulled off normal work today to work on another project. I have a headache!

Good news - no injection this week. Side effects becoming too great so GP refused to give it to me. So nice not to be the one pulling the plug on this stuff this time. Off today to have more blood tests to see what damaged has been done if any. But for the first Friday in months feel human.

Lost 1.4kgs this week.

Jess and I saw Marley and Me last week and cried ourselves silly. A lovely movie. Mark and I finally got to see Gran Torino on Sunday after months of waiting for it to be released in Australia. I will have to buy it for him when it comes out on DVD he really enjoyed it but then he is a rabid Clint Eastwood fan.

Had lunch with Catherine aka Caramel KitKat when we went to IKEA. This gorgeous woman is moving to Melbourne so I can only say it is Sydney's loss. Jess came with me and I dont know what she was expecting (yes I do, someone my age) but she thought Catherine was a stunner. Mind you so did I - she is looking so well. Thanks Catherine for taking the time to catch up and come out in that terrible heat.

I am back to being slack again with reading blogs just because I am a bit time poor at the moment and as mentioned before dont work well in chaos so I am going to instigate lists again until I can get back on top of the stuff at home and keep in contact with everyone at the same time.

My gym program is fairly basic at the moment but I am trying to go everyday. Doing cycling to get some cardio into my routine every day (sometimes easy and long or sometimes short and hard) and weights twice a week. Pilates and yoga once a week and on Sunday I am going to try to go swimming unless we have to go out. I dont know what else I can do. Hopefully I will be able to walk again after the op.

Now to put everything I have written into practice must go and do housework. Have a great weekend.


  1. YAY - not sure how you found me but I am glad that you did. I lost a lot of my blogline links and couldn't find people anymore so am waiting for them to find me !!!!
    I totally understand the list thing needed to restore order - I am a big list person too !!
    Well done on that loss - great going Julie !
    Are you a member of 10 000 stes - maybe we could be friends on there ?
    Anyway - I hope you have a fantastic weekend - take care and look after yourself !

  2. well done on the excellent weight loss....
    Hopefully you get all sorted out soon....listing do work, its the only way I can remember to do things sometime...

  3. A King lounge??! *squeals!!* Good work! I drool over their ads. Matt has just had an Eames lounge and ottoman ( delivered. Its presence suddenly makes the existing couches a tad inadequate...and Mattie is thinking King Furniture. V dangerous territory, lol.

    Whooo hooooo on the weight loss - all those lunches out must be doing you the world of good, so don't stop now!

    Thanks for your kind words. It was lovely to see you again, meet Jess, and witness the two of you together - more like sisters than mother and daughter :o)

    Wishing you an enjoyable weekend. Keep in touch.

  4. Hey good for you on the weightloss. EXcitng news about the lounge project. AND like you I cant stand working in a guddle - thats the Scottish word for muddle. Bring on the lists! Take care Z xx

  5. Great work with the weight loss!!

    Fun shopping for something major like the furniture!

    I like things tiday as well - not happening much here at the mo!