Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lunching Lady

Sorry if I appear to have dropped off the edge of the earth but I have been a lunching lady for January. I have caught up with stacks of people, heard their news, imparted mine and just generally chilled.

All coming to an end next Tuesday when I finally return to work. In a funny way I am looking forward to it I think.

Anyway my news:
Finally went to seek ankle doctor yesterday (cant remember what they are actually called). Lovely man, not so lovely news.

As of 9th April I am going into hospital for an ankle replacement. Bummer that it is at Easter but that was how the dates worked out. I'll be in plaster for two weeks and then into my big ski boot thingey (great that I get to use it again). Have asked to go into rehabilitation locally when I get into hospital and that is dependant on me getting some scooter chair to support my leg. Dont ask me why but I will have to arrange with friends who live at Bondi to get it for me because that is the only place I can hire it from.

Bad news is that apparently it will take me 6 to 12 months to recover so our trip to Europe will have to be deferred once again until next year. Also bad news is that I will have to give myself injections daily for a while to counteract DVT which is scarey but I am sure I will be able to do it. Not much choice actually.

Weight has gone up and down but stayed basically the same which is not good because it was too much but I will just keep trying and hopefully I can fit back into my jeans by winter.

Re previous topic of grumpy old men - well I told my darling this morning that he was "a bad tempered prick" and that is a direct quote. I became a grumpy old woman and surprising he turned into a nice person again. I have had enough of grumpiness and walking on eggshells so that I dont upset the equilibrium. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! and if someone is going to act like a spoiled child they will be treated like a spoiled child.

Im off to read everyone else news now, have a good long weekend Australians...


  1. Bummer about the ankle replacement - but looking ahead to the future it will be the best thing, just have to get it over and on the road to recovery.

  2. Good luck with the ankle replacement. Knew about hips and knees. First time I've heard they can also do ankles! Had to laugh at your description of Lucy the Wonderdog showing you up with her speedwalking!

  3. All the best for the ankle replacement.
    Great about the staying the you'll be in those jeans by winter.

  4. Sounds like youre in for a pretty painful and awkward few months but worth it if its going to make things better for you. Yes I know about grumpy old men too!!! (and treat him similarly!) Take care Love Z xx