Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Well I seemed to have survived yet another New Years Eve.

7 hours of solid partying (when will I remember how old and infirmed I am) and a day spent sleeping and recovering.

On New Years Eve finally got around to buying Shauna's book - The Amazing
Adventures of Dietgirl. This amazing woman has realised something that even though I kind of know it too, still hasnt sunk into my head properly.

Just eat well, exercise to the best of your ability (I especially like the vampire training method) and dont give yourself a trip to guiltsville when you do, allow yourself some leeway. It is not the end of the world.

I really really recommend reading this book - beg, borrow or steal - no dont do any of these because she wont get any royalities. It is uplifting and inspiring.

So what am I going to do different this year - well for a start, no resolutions. They only make me feel bad when I dont keep them.

I am going to try and jump off this diet mousewheel I have been on for nearly 40 years. Really it has been feast or famine, literally. I just have to not eat mindlessly for no reason (how's that for bad grammar)! It is my choice.

I am going to try and learn how to meditate - damn this little grasshopper mind of mine. Never lets up! Apparently, according to the Mayo clinic, I can use the mind to control pain. Hey we all know that really, look at childbirth and that wonderful breathing technique. Still use it to this day when something is hurting.

And that's it. May 2009 be a year that all the little mousie treadmills fall over and we all learn to just enjoy life as it happens. Mind you this is a big call coming from this super control freak but I will try.......


  1. Happy New Year Julie. Or Grasshopper. Whichever you prefer LOL.

    Lets raise our glasses (of water) to a healthful, happy, peaceful New Year. To knowing we can eat, laugh, and play and still be healthy.

    All the best, and hope we can arrange to catch up during the year *hugs*

  2. Happy New Year Julie, may you have a heappy and healthy 2009...and yes enjoy life as it happens.
    Will have a looksee for that book for sure.

  3. Best wishes for a happy and healthier New Year.. I agree the book is fantastic...