Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Autumn ramblings

Okay have stuffed something up big time. Have hardly been able to walk, lots of pain. Am wearing my Ugg boots all the time because all other shoes hurt so much. Physio thinks it is just soft tissue damage and that it will take 3 weeks to mend and if it doesnt it is back to the surgeon again.

As a result last weeks weight loss efforts were dismal.

So on Saturday, I sat down with ice on my foot and went through the box of all the weight watchers booklets that I have accumulated over the years. Quite liked the "Time for Success" series which has weekly menus in them for the first 12 weeks. Discarded a lot of weekly pamphlets which I didnt read when I went so there is very little chance I will read it now and put everything in order and made a shoppping list.

I then went shopping on Sunday for supplies for the week. It was a very impressive shopping trolley with lots of great fresh food in it.

I made a "Zanna salad" for the week so I dont have to faff around every night and I set up a spreadsheet on my computer with my projected weight loss (still aiming for 500g a week) and a column for weekly weigh-ins. I dont think I will weigh in daily as it might make me complacent (something that has happened many times before).

Hopefully I will be able to control my eating as there is no exercise being done any more.

Contacted rheumatologist last week too via email and asked him if I could go back onto my medication before the 1st June appointment as I am living on painkillers just to have a normal day. Emailed reply - yes back on medication and have to see him this Friday.

Asked Mark last week to look at our pantry and devise a plan to rearrange everything because I can no longer get down to the bottom shelves where I actually kept all the canned goods and groceries. Darling man came up with a plan and I spent yesterday rearranging it all, cleaning and relining shelves and I must say that it seems to working well and looks so organised. Time will tell.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Finally getting cooler here in Sydney and sleeping is getting easier. The heaters will be brought back into the house this week and I will change to the winter doona next weekend. There will be some serious snuggling going on in my house. I love autumn.


  1. After being a bit limited with movement at times I can't even imagine what you are going through and what you have to deal with! Have to admire your efforts. Take care:-)

  2. Damn - so sorry to hear your foot is bad again - hope it's soft tissue damage and you don't have to see the surgeon. Sounds like you're quite focussed and ready to get down to the job of losing - I know for me I have to reach that point before everything kicks in. Here's to you! Zxx

  3. Hope that your pains ease fast. It's very hard I know and can so relate to not being able to get down to bottom shelves :)
    Good to hear it is cooling down in Sydney...LOL....we arrive back again on the 7th May and I can imagine that although we'll be in T shirts our daughter will be complaining it's cold LOL She is a real Aussie now LOL
    Take care :)

  4. Bugga about the foot...hope its nothing too serious!
    Good luck with the food plan...weekly weigh ins work for me, my weight flucuates too much for daily ones, it does my head in !!

  5. Don't you love it when the pantry has just been cleaned and organised - it looks so good. But it hardly ever lasts!
    Hope your foot improves.