Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

I am moderating my comments because I was starting to get some weird ones but as usual I do get a bit behind.

Have put on more weight so have re-evaluated what I am doing and have decided that to aim for 1kg a week may be a wee bit ambitious. Have scaled it back to 500g per week for the next 10 weeks. I am looking more and more like my next sister who I love to pieces but who is really really overweight and I dont want to look that much like her.

My ankle is really really sore at the moment. Have a feeling that the last couple of weeks have done a lot of damage. The wedding in Townsville was beautiful but it was very hot, I walked and, dont tell my surgeon, danced far too much.

Then had to, and I mean had to, accompanied my beautiful daughter to the Easter Show. Lots more walking but sat whenever I could. Saw the diving, racing pigs which were so cute and the agility trials for the dogs. Had oysters and wine and bought an "old lady" shopping trolley to carry our stuff around.

More swelling, more ice.

Then had to, and I mean had to, go shopping with aforementioned beautiful daughter because she has moved to a new division and no longer has to wear her uniform. So it was shirt, vest, coat, shoes etc buying. I was very envious of her. Everything she tries on looks amazing. Made me feel proud but really frumpy.

By the end of the day , more ice and more swelling and then had to go out for dinner to Kirribilli by public transport.

I'm back on the painkillers and hobbling. I'm back at work and flat out again. I'm hungry because I am trying not to overeat. I need help.

On a happier note, Master Chef is back on TV again. Started last night and I love it again. So sad for the ones that had to go home on the first show but they should be proud that they were in the top 50 of the thousands that auditioned. The pressure test was making a pav. I have never made one and it has made me want to try. Except I would probably eat it all so I wont.

Hope everyone is okay and having a great week.


  1. LOL - we would make a right pair hobbling away together! I admire you though as you aren't going to let it get in your way! Keep on dancing:-)

    A goal of 500 grams a weeks sounds very realistic, good luck!

  2. You should never pass up an opportunity to dance...In my next life the first thing I'll ask a man after he asks me to marry him will be "Do you like to dance?" If he says "No" I'll move on!

  3. I think that 500g is much more realistic - good for you for making that change !
    Take care and look after your ankle.