Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Busy Time

If any of you get the chance go and see Carole King and James Taylor. We went up the Hunter Valley on the Easter Long Weekend and saw them at Hope Estate. From the opening bars of the first song I felt 18 again. So many great memories and their show was unbelieveable. Carole King at the tender age of 68 had so much energy she took my breath away. As an added bonus Lior was the support act. Great night was had by all.

We had lunch out on Sunday at a restaurant we have been to many times up there and I had the most amazing Lobster Bisque. If we go back to this restaurant in July when we go up for our friends weekend I will have this again so that my best friend Chez can taste and help me work out what is in it. I think I got most of the ingredients but of course couldnt get them all. It sounded like a taste test on MasterChef as I worked out what the ingredients were.

And speaking of MasterChef - woohoo it is back on April 19. Can't wait.

The latest Donna Hay magazine has arrived on my doorstep and it is full of wonderful winterish recipes. I can't wait to start experimenting. There are so many to try.

But it will all have to wait as we are off tomorrow to Townsville for a wedding. Poor Lucy - alone again. I dont think Gareth was much company last weekend but hopefully this is the last time we are away for a while. Between Jess and Gareth - hopefully they will be able to look after her.

Mark is easing into retirement and spending his time fixing windows and repainting them. If I had my way I would replace them all with aluminium but he is enjoying himself so be it.

Haven't hopped on the scales. Probably a bit scared too.
I will get there but I dont know how long it is going to take me. Seems like forever.
Have a good week


  1. Carole King is 68?!Yowser! Where did the years go? She and Taylor were top of the charts when we were newly weds......

  2. Simliar - our dog Toby has been home alone a bit lately.

    Looking forward to the Eat Pray Love movie - loved the book:-)

    LOL - sorry we didn't detour past your way, a bit too much travelling for us, but you never know, one day maybe.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time at the Hunter Valley - good for you !
    Enjoy the wedding and I hope that the summer up there isn't too much.
    Take care and go safely.

  4. Give us a wave as you fly over central Qld! I'm so enjoying this series of Biggest Loser - there are so many really nice people - not like some years previously but it's so nice to know that as it finishes Master Chef starts. You're so right with your comment about only doing what we want at this age - isn't it magic! Have a great time at the wedding Z xx

  5. Enjoy the wedding, have a wonderful time.

    Scales, grrrrrrrr mine aren't coming out of the cupboard, my clothes are telling me its bad !!
    But like you...I will get there.