Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA lately.

Trying to exercise a bit more and trying to teach myself to walk again.

Completed 23 days without alcohol and am now aiming for 4 days off at least a week although I did think about having one tonight.

I swear I can feel snow in the air. It is soooo cold outside and apparently getting colder as the week goes on. Not too cold for possums though. Lucy has just gone berserk because one thundered across the roof above my study.

Weight loss has been okay but not great.

Jess and I went and saw Sex In the City 2 last night. Honestly dont bother unless it is part of a girls night out. They are looking old, the fashion was horrible most of the time and most of it was set in Abu Dhabi not beloved New York. Not much of a story line and boring. But in saying all of that Liza Minnelli's rendition of Single Girls was wonderful and boy she has great legs and the scene with Miranda and Charlotte having a heart-to-heart about motherhood was funny. I have loved this show for 12 years but I think it is time to put it out of its misery.

Have given my old mixmaster to Jess and am now in the process of picking the colour of the new one as previously mentioned. It has to be a happy colour - Jess likes the bright red one but I am leaning towards the orange one or maybe the bright green one. I am really enjoying cooking at the moment (thanks Master Chef for re-igniting my love of it). I have a new stick blender. Once again Jess got my old one - she does well out of me. BTW she made Matt Moran's frangipane tart from last Friday nights show, for dinner on Monday night. It was lovely. The girl is fearless.

Had to see a dermatologist last week about skin. I have been using cortisone cream on rash but she wants me to leave it for a week so that she can do a biopsy. Honestly, not going to happen. I am fed up with arthritis at the moment and am probably heading towards denial but I dont care.

Anyway off to finish checking emails and do the ironing. Mark out for drinks with a mate (rather him than me - too cold). Not sure who gets it but if you are having a long weekend like NSW this weekend enjoy yourselves. Another day to have a sleep-in woo hoo.


  1. HI Julie, I'm new to Blogger land and have been wandering about...and came upon your blog... I support you 100% in your aim to lose weight.. (don't you just hate people to say 110% where the logic in that?) Any loss is an accomplishment, I need to do it myself, the motivation needs to meet the need though..... anyway...Sex In the City 2, I agree wholeheartedly, very tired looking, a shame but it's the truth... Lovely blog you have..

  2. Congratulations on your 23 days without alcohol! When it comes to weight loss, any loss is good as sticking to a diet (of any type) can be difficult, especially for those with health issues. Be proud of yourself for every little loss.

    I hope the biopsy comes out okay!