Friday, June 11, 2010

Something's not right

God I feel strange. Slightly empty, a bit disorientated, sad, lethagic, uninterested, generally blaaah. I just want to curl up and hibernate. Maybe I am a bear.

It could be SAD I guess. I really dont get out in the sun much nowadays. Lunches are usually spent either at my desk or in the lunch area. Not good. Sun is still coming up when I go to work and getting dark when I get home. Need to get out in the park at lunch time for 10 minutes to rejuvenate my battery. This will be my aim this weekend and next week.

Roll on winter solstice. The day light hours will start lengthening again soon. This morning was freezing and frosty. Jess's windscreen was iced up. It was 3 degrees in the car park at work this morning and I have had a variety of heating implements powering away to keep me warm. Have finally taken my coat off - now just three layers of clothes.

Am supposed to be going to gym this afternoon but thinking of giving it a miss. I know this is not the right way to think but that is where I am at the moment.

Sorry to unload but needed to tell someone.


  1. Sorry to hear that kiddo - it's rotten when you feel like that. You're right maybe a dose of sunshine might help. Don't envy you the cold - something I don't miss at all from Scotland - it's bloody cold here today - but it's probably about 15 - we're all sunshine acclimitised here!! Zxxx

  2. ohhhh bugga Julie...hope those 10 minutes will help, that SAD must be horrible!
    Its very cold here of a morning too...I drive to work in the dark and its getting dark when I drive home.....roll on summer !!

  3. I agree with Zanna! A daily trot around the park in the sunshine should help. It's 90 degrees F in the shade here. Your cold and gloom sounds inviting----we are contrary animals, after all....

  4. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so down but I think you are right - the weather plays a huge part in how we feel. I hope you manage to get into some lovely sunshine soon - even if there is no warmth in it, it is just good to be in the sun.
    Hope you feel better soon - take care !

  5. Maybe the gym would help your mood though...

  6. Me again - I'm liking the funky blog layout and the profile pic! You Luddite you!!! Zxx

  7. I hope your aim getting out to the park worked wonders for you. I'm not a Winter person at all:-(

  8. I totally get the hibernation thing. Wouldn't it be be nice if we could hook ourselves up to a machine with x-amount of liguid calories and wake up months later at our goal wieght? Ha! I'm surprised no one has invented that yet or that the rich haven't done it.