Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round 2..... I mean Week 2

Still in the study but the pile of things leaving this house is growing daily. It is so daunting and slightly sad. Why the hell would I keep appointment diaries eons old - as evidence in a court case, for reminiscing, because I have a hoarding sickness - who knows. Anyway shredder has been going non stop. Hope the recycling truck empties bin carefully tomorrow or it will look like it has been snowing out there and I will have a lot of picking up to do.

Journeyed into the city on Saturday in the pouring rain. Was feeling a bit off plus it was really raining heavily but set off and am so glad I did. The Bell Shakespeare Company's "Much Ado about Nothing" was really enjoyable and I met some lovely people while I was having lunch. They drive down from Port Macquarie to see these shows. Now that is dedication.

Having lunch tomorrow with the friends I used to do folk art with. Haven't seen them for a far while so looking forward to it.

Not talking about weight at all this time. Have still been walking Lucy everyday that it doesn't rain but my food habits leave a lot to be desired. Sigh. Not to mention the wine.

Mark fishing tomorrow night with the male members of his family and assorted friends. They have been doing this for a very very long time and the theory is that we all get together on Friday for a big family (and friends) meal of fish. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Not casting nasturtiums on their ability/luck but it is always a good idea to buy some fish just in case. He actually had a practise run with his brother last Thursday night and they caught 9 fish (of which Mark's contribution was 2). Keeping fingers crossed they have a good night. Anyway it is a good male bonding exercise. They used to stay all night and come home the next morning but these days they are getting a bit long in the tooth and the younger ones are not as tough as they were and want the comfort of their own beds and not the ground. Me, I will be home where it is safe and warm and dry catching up on all the TV shows I have recorded.

We are off to the Gold Coast on Saturday for 4 or so days. Staying with girlfriend who is having her 60th birthday party on the Sunday and on Monday my sister is driving down to have lunch with us at the recovery party. Recovery party? at our age.

Lucy is going to Gareth's for sleepovers and runs around the golf course with him when he goes to work. It has worked out well, he has had a bad Autumn racing carnival, punting wise, so cant afford to go out and has to work to make up lost ground. It is a win win situation for me though it may cost me a few bottles of wine in ransom to get her back. He knows my thoughts about leaving animals locked in the house when nobody is home - it doesn't happen. Although he has promised if he goes out he will leave her with a fire hose and a hard hat. Only joking, I hope.

Have been playing Words with Friends with Zanna. That woman is diabolical and incredibly smart. Beating me by heaps but I am learning so many new words. She is really good at keeping it nice and tight with a few letters making lots of words across and down for lots of points. Certainly making me think a lot more than I have been. Don't really think you're evil - love you heaps.

Finally something I found in the great clean out and I think I got it from Sue, a long time ago, who is currently bounding on Happy Ground. It is now pinned on my notice board in front of me as it makes me smile everytime I read it -

Live your life in such a
way that when your feet
hit the floor in the morning,
the Devil says:
"Shit, she's awake".

Just love it.

Hope you are all having a good week and have a wonderful Easter break no matter what you do.


  1. I love that saying kids gave it to me..
    Hope you can get into scrabble on Facebook..looking forward to a game :-)

  2. Oh diabolical am I - and here I always thought I was angelic!! I learnt all these scrabble tricks once I started playing online in facebook - that seems to be the secret - keep it tight and maximise the use of your letters. Great fun - I play with Jen (My Journey) all the time - excercises the brain cells - sometimes I thump and sometimes I get thumped - depends a lot on the letters you get. I love Sue's saying too. Hope you have a lovely few days on the Gold Coast - just a shame it's not a bit closer and we could catch up. Happy Easter Zxx

  3. Did I say diabolical - I meant angelic. Think the keyboard is possessed. Please don't beat me by more.
    Happy Easter to you too and Jen. I will get there with Scrabble on Facebook.

  4. Haha, thanks for reminding me of that! Putting it on facey now - particularly apt when we're having a family gathering!