Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back to the Hard Slog

Got the home study more or less sorted and everything taken to LifeLine or clothing bins that needed to go. I must say it is nice to walk in there now and not have to step over boxes and everything else. I am trying to deal with the paperwork as it comes into the house and put everything back into the spots I have created for them. We'll see how long that lasts for.

Painting of family room is progresssing and should be finished soon. I think floors will be polished next and the ebay shop will open to try and get rid of the excess furniture.

Trip to Queensland over Easter was a great success except I ate and drank too much and put on 2-3 kilos but a good thing has come out of it. My BGFs husband mentioned that he wanted to lose 6 kilos and I thought that it would be good to have a little contest until we meet up again in July at the Hunter (for more eating and drinking). BGF decided she wanted in too although she only wants to lose 4 kilos. So the "Weapons of Mass Reduction" Weightloss challenge has begun. (Read that somewhere and thought it was a clever play on words.) We had our first weigh in last Thursday, the day after we got home from their place. I weighed in at 71.1. Yikes. Where did that come from - oh yeah the wine and the food. We then stated our desired weights and I have worked it into a spreadsheet over the next 10 weeks. There might be a really nice bottle of bubbly for the winner which of course I am sure we will share. Since we all weigh different weights I decided I would work out the percentages, like Biggest Loser to make it more fair although I have already have had an email asking for relief because honestly, these peoople have a social life that would exhaust someone half their age. But no, being the hard taskmaster that I am - told them there would be no dispensations for the terminally popular and to suck it up. Mind you BGF is incredibly good and strong minded at maintaining her weight.

Caught up with big sister (age not size) in Queensland too. She drove down to the Gold Coast and we had lunch at BGFs recovery BBQ at her friends units entertainment area - whoo that was a mouthful.

Jess has moved closer to the city and seems a lot happier. A friend of mine adopted her cat and we are catching up this Friday night so hopefully everything is going well. She is a new friend and I really enjoy her company and would hate for the little ginger cat to cause problems. Jess now refers to where we live as "the outback". The hide of that child. Actually her brother refers to us as living in a rural area. Ungrateful wretches.

We have had lots and lots of rain lately. Too much actually. Think I have had enough for a few weeks please.

MasterChef has started again. Looking forward to getting down to the nitty gritty of it and the master classes. I am full of admiration for these people following their dreams and putting themselves out there. (How's that for cliches?)

Also kind of watched the end of Biggest Loser last night. Have not watched it at all because I was kind of over it but was amazed at the transformations. Had to tape the end because it was past my bedtime but will finish watching it this afternoon when I get home from the gym. I never realised that the commando was so dishy.

Jenny and Anni - havent got back to you about scrabble on Facebook but I will. Don't think I have forgotten you both but there are just so many hours in the day and Words with Friends on iPhone/iPad is taking a lot when I am home and Mark still expects clean clothes and meals everyday. Some people.......

Take care and have a great weekend (rats its only Tuesday)


  1. ohhhhhh I wish I was only 71.1 !!
    I am soooooooo outta wack its not funny...tommorrow is "D" day for me AGAIN!!

    Srabble game ready to roll when you are.....

  2. Haha, love the name of your contest! And always enjoy reading your posts, you have such a great way with words.