Monday, August 08, 2011

Blue Funk

Blue Funk - Def. disappointed feeling, dismay

That's me today. I am in a blue funk. Didnt sleep well last night, couldnt be bothered going to the gym this morning, everything is just too hard.

Scales also told the tale - a gain of 400g I think. Here we go again, gaining and losing the same weight week in week out.

It's the weekends that I find the killer.

I dont want to work anymore either.

I want to stay home.

I think I need sunshine. Definitely dont get enough. Stuck in an office all day and then it is cloudy and rains on the weekend.

Over winter.

I think I am like this every year about this time. Must look back and see what has been happening at this time of the year in previous posts. One of the good things about a blog.

Off to opthamalogist at lunchtime and have decided I am not coming back to work. Have lots of sick leave so will take some and might try to fit in that missing gym session.

Lots of reassessing to do.

Okay hopefully have got that out of my system. Love you lots - thanks for listening.


  1. Hmmm - the soul sisters again - also didn't sleep, crap weekend eating and drinking - stomach cramps and nausea - home in bed! Z xx

  2. Hope your late catch up at the gym cheered you up and made you feel more optimistic!

  3. Can relate to how you are feeling. been there did that and I resigned from a job that I once had loved so much I hated school holidays!!!! I worked in a College Laboratory and then the main office. People had left and the whole atmosphere had changed!!! Best thing I ever did (not that Jim understood at the time) Money became tighter but I was happier :) I believe that you only have one life and being happy is very important to our health.
    Am back in Sydney so will give you a call at some stage. Maybe next week as it's a bit hectic around here with Steph working and her in laws here too. Have the racing awards on Thursaday night and a big drees up do for us!! steph's husband has won the Premiership so it;s all exciting stuff.
    Oops bettter go.....master nearly 2 is into mischief LOL Big Hugs :)

  4. Hope you're smiling again real soon ♥