Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick one

This was last week's post - have only just discovered it didn't get published. So here goes

I have to get back to work so this has to be quick.

Lost 1kg this week.

Much as I hate the term "mindful eating" (see last week's rant) that is what I did on the weekend.

Had friends over for dinner and rugby on Saturday night so had a light lunch and tried to minimise what I was eating at other meals on the weekend (except for sunday morning which traditions says is the heart-foundation breakfast with all the trimmings).

The weekends are usually my downfall so was not expecting that this weekend would be any different. Pleasantly surprised by scales.

Lucy is getting better slowly. Still wont do the back steps which is making my back ache but now goes up and down the front ones okay. Mark has actually demolished one set of steps out the back to make way for new ones.

My house is a continual building site. I wonder what he will do when everything is up-to-date. Probably never happen will it?

For some reason my hands have gone blue and I have lost feeling in my finger tips on my left hand which is making typing hard. Strange - not that cold here today. Better go and get a warm drink to warm my hands on.

Have a great week and take care.

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