Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A hopefully short post

I realised today that it has been three weeks since I last checked in. Today is the the day from hell back here at work. Have been flat out all morning and then realised that I forgot to join a conference call this morning. Have apologised profusely and asked to be included next time. Where is my head at the moment?

The holidays were lovely - well kind of.

Had a lovely birthday - three full on days. Thank you to all who sent me messages on facebook and emails. Family bought me a new espresso machine, coffee bean grinder and some coffee beans from an apparently special coffee place in Naremburn. My sisters gave me pandora charms for my necklace which was lovely. Also had dinner at Epoque at Cammeray. Chilli mussels - yum my favourite.

My girlfriend and her husband had flown down from Queensland especially and we had a wonderful time. On Saturday we had lunch in at the antipasto bar in DJs in the city, then shopping and I even managed a visit to Zara, something that I have been wanting to do for a while. It was packed and I will definitely be revisiting some time soon. Girlfriend's husband came with us everywhere, carried parcels and never complained once. He really is a patient lovely man.

We dropped them back at the airport on Sunday afternoon and then came home to prepare a sausage sizzle for a group of friends. Nice night but was really really tired by Monday.

Monday started with sore throat and sniffles and then progressed into full blown cold. Ended up bedbound later in the week. Just couldnt be bothered. So annoyed that I had to spend my holiday sick. Back at work now but still not too well.

Bone scans and xrays have been done but I have to go and have a CT scan on Friday as surgeon wants to make sure that the thing that is now my ankle has become dislodged. It definitely isnt as sore as it was but still swells. Also went to the podiatrist and he has definitely helped with the pains I had in my feet too.

Jess has been having really bad pains in her groin and went to physio but it wasnt getting any better. She thought she had hurt herself when she ran the city2surf. She went to a sports doctor today and he had xrays and scans done but couldnt see anything. He kept saying that he was sure she had a stress fracture in her pelvis so she is now going for an MRI. Just had a call from her - she suddenly remembered that she did have a fall when she was snowboarding and maybe, just maybe, that was when it all started and running has just made it worse. Cranky daughter is not happy as it is 2 weeks until she leaves for US and Canada. Here's hoping that she will be okay. Me, I'm worried about whether it will affect my being a grandmother eventually. LOL.

Short post my foot - I'm off - I have work to do.
Going to try and do this more regularly - want to ask advice about diet but have run out of time.
Take care.


  1. Sorry you had to go back to work and are having the day from hell - that is horrible !!!!

    So glad to hear that you had such a great birthday - I love birthdays that last longer than one day !

    I hope that Jess sorts out the issue with her groin - has she been to see an osteopath. I have started to see one and have found that he has made such an improvement in my body - maybe get her to have a look into that avenue.

    Take care and look after yourself !

  2. What a wonderful sounding birthday you had xx