Monday, October 24, 2011


I am a bit AWOL at the moment. Feeling tired and a bit grumpy. Talked to a friend who is a nurse last night and told her what happened with the results of my blood test for the anemia which was actually nothing really. The specialists secretary rang me and read the report to me but couldnt actually answer any of my questions. Perhaps I am just a bit too accepting of things. I should have insisted in speaking to the doctor. Anyway I have made an appointment to see the GP next week so will talk to her about it. Don't know what it is but cant seem to get motivated and I should be because it is spring and everything is green and lovely.

Ankle is okay. Some degeneration in the other ankle joint (there are apparently two) but he doesnt want to do anything about that until he absolutely has too as if the second joint is fused it will make the prosthesis fail. Oh joy.

Weight gain this week which I guess just goes with the mood. So today, have started again. Put the biscuit barrel away at work - you know out of sight out of mind.

J is on restricted duties until nearly Christmas. God I hope she is okay overseas. If she stuffs it up completely it could mean a hip replacement. Someone should outlaw snowboarding.

G is having relationship issues once again. He is a bit of a sunshine sucker - love him dearly but he is so much like my beloved Dad. Always seems to see the glass half empty rather than half full.

M is still enjoying his retirement. Sanding the back deck back at the moment and restaining it. He is like "pigpen" from Snoopy. Seems to be encased in a cloud of dust all the time. He is loving this wonderful weather but there is a cool change on the way tonight so hopefully this doesnt interfere with his home handyman plans.

Strange things are happening at work. Nothing to do with me but impacting on me.

Enough doom and gloom. Going to get stuck into some jobs that I have been putting off. The dreaded filing as I can't seem to find anything when I need it and I might even get a look through my intray.

Hope that your week is bright and sunny.


  1. Sorry to read that you seem to have lost your mojo - hopefully the lovely weather will help to pick you up.

    Now that the rugby is well and truly finished hopefully no more nibblies to sabotage.

    Take care and have a great week !

  2. That tired and grumpy must be catching...thats me today :-(