Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's Backkkkkkkk

Was it Jack Nicholson in the Shining. Wish I could type it with the right inflection.

That 1.6kg I lost last week is back. I am so over everything at the moment. I was hoping to be in the 60s before Christmas - looking doubtful.

Last week:
Virtually no tracking
3 Lucy walks and 1 gym session
Alcohol - best we not dwell on that one

It spite of all of the above I can fit into my work pants but they produce such a muffin top that I could get a job at Muffin Break. Tried them on this morning and quickly took them off again before anybody saw me and back on with my rolltop yoga pants.

Am trying to write down what I eat today without entering into computer. Hopefully at the end of the day I can enter it and see what happened. I think that if I don't enter everything straight away I cant see how badly I may be doing and then I stop tracking. Does that make any sort of sense. It sounded okay in my head when I was thinking about it this morning.

I also have been thinking about Obsessions for want of a better word. I really want to travel but I love my home so much and I think that is the problem. I am one of those compulsive people who likes everything in its place and when you are travelling nothing is in its "right place" and it drives me crazy. Plus leaving Lucy is heartwrenching for me. I always enjoy myself when we are away doing whatever but am really really glad to get back home again. Renovating also drives me mad because once again everything is not in its right place. I guess I have developed a series of coping mechanisms over the years so that I dont seem like a complete looney. Spur of the moment plans are not great with me either but I try.

Moving right along to things I love
The smell of books - new or old doesnt matter
My hair straightner - it allows me to have longer hair because it used to be short so that I could keep the curl/wave out of it - now I just straighten it everyday and although I know it is just in my mind, I feel better with myself.
A new notebook - I love opening a brandnew diary or notebook - it is a new beginning.
New purses, shoes, handbags, lipsticks and watches - Trying very hard to curb the wants for these things.
Smells - bread baking, fresh coffee, the smell of the earth after the first shower of rain, lawn when it has just been mowed, gardenias which are now all coming into flower, the red rose in my front garden, so many things to mention - this list just goes on and on.
Did I mention my hair straightener.
Oh, nearly forgot - Lucy the wonderdog. The "no strings love" she gives is priceless and such a wonderful stress release to have this small bundle of fur launch herself at you when you walk in the door. You'd think you had been gone for days by the welcome you get.

J's 27th birthday today. It has all gone so quickly. She is a beautiful, strong and talented woman. I am so proud of her and what she has achieved. That said, there are still times I could happily strangle her but she is my bestie and my baby.

On the first day of the school holidays (end of work now only 2 weeks away before 5 weeks break) we are having a day together at the zoo to see the baby tigers and all the other babies that have been born. Hope the weather is good. Going to Forsyth's in Naremburn for coffee first. Will have to arrange another day in the city shopping with lunch at DJs and definitely a visit to Zaras.

G has moved in with his girlfriend and everything seems to be okay. She is a lovely sweet generous person but this is their second attempt at going out. Maybe this time, now that they both are a bit older, it will work out. He is happy and that is very important.

I am aiming for more exercise this week - I have increased gym session to twice a week and mixing it up a bit with cardio and weights. I have got to tone up a bit. The overlaps are not attractive. Did I mention that this is one of the things I hate about getting older. I aim to walk Lucy at between 5 and 7 times depending on weather.

M is pottering along in retirement as usual. He has now agreed (well sort of) to do the vacuuming every week because it puts a strain on my back. Either that or the dyson has to go and we get a lighter vacuum cleaner. He is a much better vacuumer than me so it has been a win win situation. Two weeks in a row - am going for three - no use in overplanning and him thinking that I am taking him for granted/or advantage of which of course I am.

Oh well, back to work - 14 more sleeps and then holidays, then Christmas, then New Years then Queensland etc etc etc.


  1. Oh Julie - I wish I could help in some way but I am totally out of it right now (I have just completed all my month end reports and have found that I posted my prepayments the wrong way around - so back to the drawing board with all my month end reports).

    Happy Birthday to J - I hope she has a wonderful day !

    It's good to think about the things that you love that make you feel better - maybe I need to think of some of those for myself !!!! (Right now a bottle of Amarula is top of the list I think !)

    When we clean A does the vacuuming - must be a man thing because he is so much better at it than I am !!!!

    Take care and look after yourself !

  2. I am the opposite Julie, love to travel, love the disorder and don't mind the mess.
    I am not a "orderly" person and can live with "things" not in place. But I do love home..and coming home after being away :-)
    I am trying the "simply filling" part of ww at the mo (using as many of the green triangle foods) Am on day 3 and loving it...I am not snacking!!

  3. So much in here. I agree there is nothing so wonderful as the unconditional love of one's pet, be it dog, cat or horse! It also helps you be disciplined about exercise---You HAVE to walk the dog! And it is as good for you as for the pooch...I try, when he's home, to get the OC to walk, as he really needs to lose some pounds. Mostly though, he just walks around the golf course!
    As for the hair straightener?? Have you tried just going with the natural curl---much softer, younger look!
    I like to travel too---but I LOVE to come home to where everything is in it's place---except in my sewing room which is chaotic.

    I wish you a very Happy Christmas Julie! Heavier on the fruits and salads than the fattening goodies---so you'll feel ready to take the New Year on with zest!