Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A glass half empty

We had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely new year, all the food is just about gone, mainly to my hips and middle.

Now as the day of reckoning is fast approaching I have to face the fact that my weight is still inching up - most of my clothes don't fit me and I am not good at tracking or saying no. Not helping is the fact that my left knee gave out on me a couple of days ago and I couldn't even stand up. Liberal application of ice and painkillers has helped and I am trying to rest it. I don't remember hurting it but hurt it I have.

I am definitely in a glass half empty frame of mind. Social occasions coming up are being viewed as another opportunity to fail due to not being able to say no. My prob I know. It is a mindset that I have to get around somehow.

J has separated from her boyfriend* of 6 years. They are taking a break. If it goes further it will be messy and difficult to untangle their lives. They are both dreadfully upset. Just sitting tight and waiting to see what is going to happen. He has become part of our lives and we are quite fond of him. Sigh.

Even though I am on holidays I have to go and do a first aid refresher course this week. If I leave it until I am back at work my certificate will have expired and I will have to do the whole thing again rather than the refresher. I will take a day in lieu in February when we go to Kiama for the rugby 7s rather than use my long service leave.

Summer has finally arrived in Sydney. Gorgeous days, hot, bright blue skies and still not too hot and humid at night.

A funny thing happened the other day at a friends place where we were having dinner. I went to stand up and the pain that shot up from my left knee was unbelievable. I actually couldn't support my self - friends swung into action with ice packs etc and after a while the pain was bearable. I don't recall hurting it, it could be the extra weight I am carrying at the moment. It had been niggling for a couple of days when I was walking - it hurts when I start but goes away after a while. I know I should go to the doctors but every time I go something bad happens so I will rest it a bit and see what happens. Perhaps try some swimming as a non weight bearing activity.

I bought some new Nike sneakers after Christmas. I bought them from US. Even with postage they were cheaper than the ones I bought here. I ordered them on 27 December and they arrived on 30 December. I was amazed.

I have to downsize my spending this year. I am calling it my practice year for retirement but I am not all that sure I am going to retire in 2013. I change my mind every week.

I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for everybody.
*I usually call them partners because I feel that boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't cover it but a couple of times lately people have picked me up on it saying partner is not correct. Whatever.......who cares!


  1. Julie, I think we are all battling with some gains over this period. I think the best thing you can do is acknowledge it and move on from it. Tomorrow I am back on track with my eating - I have been back on track with walking for about a week but walking once a day and eating and drinking whatever I want didn't really accomplish anything more than weight gain !!!!

    Sorry to hear about J and partner/boyfriend/whatever - it is so hard on everyone when things don't work out - I hope that they manage to resolve whatever the issues are.

    I totally sympathise with you and your knee. On Boxing Day my back had me in tears at times during the day - it is mainly my SI joint that is playing up. The wheat bag and TENS machine brought some relief but not enough for my liking. I have been walking with a knee guard on and that seems to help - haven't tried to run yet - have put that off until Feb/Mar because I was starting to obsess over not being able to run.

    We are going into saving mode in the hope of trying to get to Canada at the end of the year - otherwise we will spend our 25th anniversary sitting in our bathroom !!!

    Take care and look after yourself - looking forward to being able to catch up with you when you are up this way.


  2. geeee hope the leg is ok, take care.

    I am with you, partners is the word!!