Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Am having trouble doing this on the iPad.

Control.... Something I have lost in the last week of being sick.
Still can't talk, still coughing but throat has subsided.

Still being asked what are we having for dinner - I actually don't care at the moment please yourself is not going down well.

No washing is being done but to be fair if I put it in the washing machine it does get hung out and brought in folded.

I must check today if the canary is still alive.  Feeding it probably is not high on the list of things to remember.

I'm thinking I should make one of my famous lists so that when I am incapacitated the normal processes will continue.  Rather like a checklist.  I know that everything I do everyday may not be  essential to anyone but me (and the canary).

So I lie here plotting and planning about how I am going to try harder when I am well again - please let it happen soon.

Try to exercise more (gentle walking is a good starter), eat well, drink alcohol less (hasn't been a problem lately as it all tastes vile).

As an aside.
Thank goodness for SMS and emails.  It is how I am corresponding with everyone even M.
Thank goodness for the iPad. It keeps me in touch with the world.
Thank goodness for the kindle and the unending supply of books.
Thank goodness for Words With Friends - it is keeping my brain from turning to sludge.
Thank goodness for my little dog who rarely leaves my side and makes me smile often just by looking at her.

So from the control freak - hope you are all having a better week than me but the good news is it is all up from here.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are feeling so cr*p - hope you feel better sooooooooooon !!!
    I am loving exercising again - hope it isn't too long until you are back on your feet and pounding the pavement.
    Take care - lotsa hugs.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts. You continue to inspire.

  2. Here's hoping you up and about real soon xx

    1. Thanks Jen. Hope everything is still going well with you.

  3. Hope you are by now feeling a lot better! Not sure my week has been much better at all!

    1. Feeling better but still dont have a voice. Hope your week improved.