Friday, October 05, 2012

Brief update

Okay have completed 4 days of Ocsober.
Tonight we are out to dinner and trivia with friends.  Test time.
Don't think it will be a problem.

Physio yesterday introduced some simple pilates exercises.
Still having trouble with diaphragm breathing but I think I am getting there.
If I concentrate I can nearly balance.
Used pilates machine (not sure what they are called) for the first time and it was not easy.
My body is all skew-if when I walk. Similar to the way I hold myself when I walk up and down stairs.
About my body sending messages to my brain re pain and my brain compensating and trying to help me by twisting myself and favouring one side.
When I walked Lucy yesterday I tried to put into practice what I had been shown.
Probably tried too hard.
Very tired after the 30 mins and lower back is slightly sore today.
He (physio) still thinks he can fix me.  I have faith in him too.
If he shows me what to do I will do my best to do it.

While I have been wheat-free for months now I have been fudging on other things like carbs.
Probably too many carbs so have cut potato out of my diet at night.
Other things will follow.
I am not going to rush this.
I am still learning and with the help of Linda and Jenny,  I am getting there.

Holidays are nearly over.
Back to work next week - checked my work emails this morning and there are already people wanting to book for next year.

Today is quite warm.  Feels like bush fire weather.
Also read this morning about storm season starting and probably being quite bad this season from now until Autumn, especially hail wise.  I think there is one threatened for tonight.  I will stay home with Lucy the wonder dog until it has passed. Hopefully it wont go on forever as I am expected for dinner at 7 pm and I missed out completely last month because of sickness.
Still croaky and coughing a bit but a lot better.  My sister thinks my voice is husky and sexy. LOL.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.

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  1. Yep definitely sleep better when no alcohol. Weight has gone down by just over two kilos - not much for a month but I'm not getting any exercise - too flaming busy!! Have you checked out Thunder Jackets for Lucy - have noted a few of my mates at Best Friends Rescue (where we got Merlin) talking about them. Not sure how good they are but might be worth a look - try googling - looks like they're around $50 - might be worth a go. Doing the physio thing too - big problems with my neck shoulder and arm - identified many many years ago that I had calcification of the rotator cuff and its normally OK though but all the extra keyboard stuff a month or so ago when we were doing the restructure had made it flare up and of course I was too busy at the time to go and get it sorted so paying for it now. Xrays and CT scan on Monday to see what's happening in there. Hope your exercises work out xx