Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time is Flying

Wow, it is over two weeks since I last checked in.  Slack slack slack.

Linda has inspired me to catch up.

Everything this travelling well.

The new physio is providing me with some really great tools namely how to use my body correctly.  I am virtually retraining it.  Following his advice I can now nearly walk up and down stairs pain free.  I am relearning how to get up from a sitting position.  Getting up from the floor is the next thing.  I have learnt how to breath with my diaphragm and not to shallow breath.  He can actually touch my left leg without me going through the roof.  Where has this man been all my life.  My walking gait has improved and strengthened.  It all takes a lot of concentration in trying to get my body to use the right muscles to do things but it is happening slowly.

Okay what else - Ocsober has progressed well.  Day 23 and no real problems except it really isnt fun being the only completely sober person at an event.  Hasn't made a great deal of difference to my weight but I think I am sleeping better.  Planning to do parched March but cant do dry July as that is our Hunter Valley visit month but will try and think of a witty name for June and do that instead.
Three months of the year completely alcohol free should do me good.

My girlfriend from Queensland, Chez, and her husband are visiting the first weekend in November. She is glad Ocsober will be over by then.

M has finished another plant stand.

It is not what I wanted there.  I wanted a raised garden bed to hide the fence and next doors dilapidated garage but these plant stands are growing on me.  He has made another one but now it is too hot for him to be out in the sun all day and they are so heavy he has to make them in situ unless he has someone (not me) to help him move them.

G has decided that buying a unit is all too hard and he cant find anything he likes in his price range.  He really is a Gen Y. LOL.  He is about to re-enter the renting market.  His life seems to have settled down again.  He looks well and doesnt seem so dissatisfied (at the moment). Sigh.

J is travelling along well.  She has been out to Bourke to visit a friend.  A long drive by yourself so of course I got lots of phone calls with "I'm bored".  I think she is looking at going overseas again in the near future.  Talking about doing Tough Mudder again in February.  She is a glutton for punishment.

Oh well, that is all.  Not exciting but at least I have checked in.  We have no Sundays free between now and December.  Let the madness begin.

Enjoy your week - catch up soon.


  1. Soooooooooooooooooo glad to hear that you are finally getting some relief !!! Gotta love people who know what they are doing. My osteo is great (but I do need to listen to him and do my stretches more often !!!)
    Tell M great job with the plant stands - it looks fantastic - I could do with a couple of those around the place.
    Have the best week - so glad to hear that all is well in your world !

  2. Going to have to show my hubby those pot plant stands....I love them :-)