Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Holidays are almost over

Today is a beautiful spring day. Warm, nice breeze blowing. Probably a bit too warm for Lucy who is still sporting her winter coat. Time for M to clip her I think.

Well I am 3/4 way through holidays. Back to work next Monday except I am attending a stop work meeting in the city. Job cuts, no redundancy, workers comp losses, leave entitlements being attacked - where will it end. I work in a professional typically prized by mothers of small children ( as I once was) but the future is looking gloomy for those who will follow me. Anyway that is a battle yet to be fought and one I dont think we will win as the work we do is not seen as "important".

I have accomplished a few things in this time I have off.  I have sorted our taxation papers out. Just waiting for the arrival of one more piece of paper and then it can go off to the accountant.

I have been referred to and started going to a new physio who specializes in backs, clinical pilates(?) and acupuncture. He thinks he can help me. Last week it was learning or relearning how to walk up and down stairs without looking like a penguin. A very stiff looking penguin. Yesterday was learning how to breathe from my diaphragm while holding my stomach muscles in and not tensing my neck.  I suck at this. I am supposed to practice twice a day for 40 or 50 breathes. As mentioned previously I suck at doing this and since I have the attention span of a gnat am trying to do it in lots of 10. Have a feeling I may be in trouble when I go back tomorrow.

J and I went to see Madagascar 3 last week and then sorted out my new iPhone 5 with Optus ( not the most helpful people) then had lunch at the Mooney Club.

On Sunday for my birthday we were to meet the children at Greenshades for lunch.  M and I got there first which is normal. J arrived about 5 minutes late - not too bad. We waited for G to turn up. J eventually rang him. He had forgotten. After she told him off ( as only a sister can do) and told him we were not going to wait for him as it would take and hour for him to get there we ordered lunch. These things happen.  He made it there in 40 minutes. I asked for hostilities to be put on hold and we ended up having a lovely lunch.

Lots of football finals last weekend.  The mighty Swans won the AFL grand final in Melbourne and The Storm won the NRL grand final in Sydney.  Of course the Wallabies lost yet again in South Africa.  I'm thinking of changing codes and becoming an AFL supporter.  Such a great game.

Finally caught up with Jenny from NZ this morning for coffee.  I didn't mentioned to M where I was going and Jenny's family were worried she was meeting up with an axe murderer.  Lovely catching up and going over the finer points of the eating plan we are both following (me a bit more loosely). Have actually found since I got home Dr Davis brief synopsis of do's and dont's. I really need to do a bit of revision as this spare tyre around my middle is driving me insane.

Am recovering from whatever I had. Voice still has it's croaky moments and cough has changed to a different cough but still very annoying at night. It's been over a month so surely must be on the downhill run now.

That's about all I think.  I am attempting Ocsober. No alcohol for the month of October. They all think I can't do it but that is just the encouragement I needed to prove them wrong. Hopefully my abstinence will also reflect in my weight. Meanwhile I will have to cut back on food intake too. A little bit here and a little bit there may make a difference.

I hope everyone is traveling well this week. I will use the rest of the afternoon to catch up on blogs.


  1. I'm with you for October. Have already had an alcohol free September and will also have an AF November. We can do it xxxxx

    1. You are so good. I wish you could be closer. Did you find it made a difference to September

  2. It was really great to finally catch up and I certainly hope we can do it again when you are on holidays at some stage. I can see us coming and going across the ditch for the next few months!!!
    I think I will do a half Oct half Nov alcohol free......have T's birthday on Sunday with quite a few of S's friends coming with their children and I can see drinks being offered to the adults and then if she comes home with us in Nov we will have a family get together.......LOL See you werre a good influence on me and not an axe muderer LOL. I heard S tell her dad that you were lovely :) For me it was as if we had known each other for years :)
    I will get those links to you asap.......time on computer is limited to usually early am or bedtime or when T is asleep!!!!
    I must update my blog too :)

    1. Really really enjoyed meeting you too. It is funny - you and the others, I feel like I have known you all for years. You guys probably know more about what I am feeling then my day-to-day friends. I am up to Day 4 of Ocsober but who is counting (me).
      Have a great flight home and look forward to your blog update.

  3. Hope you had a great birthday.
    Alcohol is not a problem for me, I very rarely drink anymore...but good luck with Ocsober.

    1. Jen, you aren't bragging are you? I really wish that alcohol wasnt so much of our social scene sometimes. Have a number of events coming up so I will need all the control and luck that you can send me.