Friday, September 13, 2013

Life is getting better

Today is quite cool.  Probably more like spring weather than what we have been having.  Temperatures have been in the mid twenties to thirty degrees.  A couple of windy days but that is normal for this time of year.

Walking Lucy everyday (nearly) is still a joy.  I take pictures of unusual plants at the park as we walk on my phone.  I'm sure people think "what is that crazy little old lady doing?" Not sure if they are native or weeds or both but I have been trying to identify them in my plant books.  We usually walk around sunset so it is not too hot and because of the bushfires (none near us yet) the sunsets have been quite spectacular.

My weight is still going down slowly.  This week it has gone down to the 64s but I dont expect it to stay there.  It is funny - the weight that went on around my middle and/or torso is still kind of there.  I am a bit lumpy.  Maybe when I can get back to the gym I might be able to tone it up.  I need to stress I am not dieting.  I had made up my mind that dieting never works in the long term.  My appetite has just decreased a lot especially since my medication changed so I can only think that is what the cause of the weight gain was.  When I look back on what I used to eat I really cant believe it.  I used to think I didnt have a full-level (or I never seemed to be full) that they talk about and I dont think I did but now I definitely do.  I still have my wine every night with dinner but the portion sizes are a lot smaller.  I cant tell you the number of times we have left restaurants lately with doggie bags because I couldnt finish my meal.  It is slightly puzzling.

Went to the hormone doctor the other day and she is concerned that my liver is sluggish.  Whatever the hell that means.  It has something to do with the hormone blood test because the normal blood tests dont show anything up. She wants me to give up caffeine and alcohol.!  If I did that there is virtually nothing left to enjoy.  I feel so good at the moment so I just said not going to happen.  She was not happy but I told her to just type difficult patient on my record and we would leave it at that.

I think my compression fracture must have healed by now so I will be back at the gym sometime after the 19th when my membership starts again.  Easy does it.

The garden is giving me great joy although my time is becoming limited as the social season seems to be hotting up but the days are getting longer and daylight saving will kick in next month so there should be some time in the early evenings soon.

The Japanese Maple is in flower and coming into leaf.  The flowers drive Fox mad as they fall into the pool but to me it is always a sign that Spring is here.  The buzzing of the bees is nearly deafening.

The orchids are all coming into flower.  We seem to be later than everyone else.  The gardening magazines are talking about repotting but mine have only just come into flower.

This little cyclamen was put outside last year and forgotten.  I have discovered the secret to these
beautiful but frustrating little plants.  Put them outside and ignore them and they dont die but seem to thrive.  Afraid to bring it inside as it seems to be doing so well although I did move it to this position so that I could see it more often.

The cliveas are flowering abundantly this year.  It also seems to be the preferred hiding place for the snake or snakes.  I actually saw it last weekend on the driveway so I can't say that Fox is hallucinating anymore.  He has gone out and bought 10 snake repellant things that send out a vibration that is supposed to scare snakes away and they are positioned everywhere.  You can actually hear the noise they make so I am hoping that they wont send me crazy this year with their little beeps.  Red belly black snakes are poisonous but they are also not aggresive unless cornered.  I am not too worried about them but I worry for the precious Lucy.

Well I think that is about all.  We are off to Queensland next week for my sister's 70th birthday celebrations.  We will only be there for 3 days (kind of) as once again it is the minding of Lucy that is the problem.  DD has stepped up once again.  She is moving out of her flat this Saturday and the hunt is now on for a house that she and her girlfriend can move into with her girlfriends dog.  The dog is the problem.  She is beautiful, well behaved but the people renting out the houses dont know that I guess.  They have found one so everything is crossed that the owner picks them.

Have a great weekend everyone. xxx


  1. So glad to hear that things are going well for you. And YAY for your weight coming off - good for you !
    I love the flowers in your garden - they are beautiful. I hope the snake repellants work - I HATE snakes !
    I am looking at joining a gym just around the corner from us - I am sure that it will help with my weight loss which sort of got a bit stuck this week !
    Have the best week !

    1. The weight thing is really weird. Every week it inches down goes up a little on the weekend and then starts down again the next week. Obviously it is going down more than it goes up on the weekend because it has been like this since February.
      Back to the gym next week to try and tone up a bit. Have talked to a guy at work who is a PT and he has given me some exercises to build up different muscle groups so that is what I am going to concentrate on.

  2. ohh for a number in the 60's...heck I will even take a 70 again.
    My weigh climbs up so quickly if I relax too much...and now a long weekend in Melbourne and deeeelicious food has seen it climb more.
    Rejoined ww on Tuesday morning.

    ohh love the pics.