Friday, December 27, 2013

A new urge

The urge to blog has returned. A little bit.

Life has been trundling on as usual.

About 8 years ago this started as a weight blog.  Moved on since then with occasional revisits to the weight issue but it hasn't been an issue for months now.

Dragging myself to work 5 days a week has taken up a lot of my energy.  Whoever would have thought that going to work in a place I adore with nice people could become such a chore but it has. By Thursday night I am so exhausted. But anyway I am now on 5 weeks holiday and sleeping like a log.

Ate some wrong (for me) things at Christmas and paid the price on Boxing Day and to a lesser extent today. Will I never learn.

Want to spend my days in the garden and have become slightly obsessed with naming weeds that Lucy and I see on our walks.  Have brought home every weed identification book I could find at work.  So far so good. Now just have to remember their names. They have become my mantra as we walk.

Am reading a wonderful book by a man called Thomas Ryan called "Following Atticus" about a small dog who has changed his life and become his mountain climbing companion. Although I find myself reading through tears quite a lot it is an uplifting story.  He is also on Facebook and he has a blog. Not to forget his adoption of Will another minature schnauzer. He was 15 years old, partially blind, completely deaf with many health problems when he was rescued from a kill shelter and came into Tom and Atticus's life. Another great story.

Time for bed. I find typing on the ipad difficult but this is the only chance I have had today.
Good night.


  1. Welcome back hun…
    Hope you are feeling better soon and get to relax in your garden, even if its just sitting there reading :-)

    1. Glad to be back and congratulations on the newest addition to your wonderful family. Xxx