Friday, June 02, 2006


Am going to have a cortisone injection into my spine today. Am very very scared. I wouldnt even have an epidural when I was in labour but the pain and discomfort has become so bad and/or not improved over the last six weeks that I have given in and am now taking this course.

My sister is driving down from the Central Coast to take me, hold my hand and bring me home afterwards which is truly wonderful of her.

Didnt go to WW last night as have not been up to going out much lately and also have been pigging out a bit (but we wont go there).

Mum rang this morning before I came to work. She sounds so different now she has moved to Queensland and is going to ring me back tonight after 8 (cheap rates). Probably happier although she said she was freezing and going back to her warm bed.

Wish me luck.

Edit: All seemed to go well. The most painful part, apart from having eight needles stuck in to me was lying on my tummy and being still for the 15-20 minutes. Was a bit wobbly when I walked out but BigSis was there to guide me back to the car and bring me home. Have to take it easy this week end and I mean to. No housework or shopping of any kind.

Michelle, hopefully things looking up for C2S. DD and I are going to seen Varekai Cirque Du Soleil on the Saturday before so I may not be able to make the dinner, will have to wait and see what time and where you all go to eat.


  1. Oh Julie you poor thing. My Dh had to have those regularly for a few years and they really did help. Hang in there. Oh and BTW I am coming to Sydney to do the City to surf. Hope you can make it to the walk or at least to a bloggers dinner on the Sat night before.

  2. Oh Julie. I am glad to hear that things seemed to go well today, but you poor thing having to go through it at all. It is great that you have family to help support you through this. I am happy to help in any way if you need. Just let me know.

    Rest up this weekend, I am sure they told you that you may suffer some soreness at the injection points tomorrow and maybe even Sunday. I would like to say loads of ice cream and bourbon will fix it but unfortunately whilst the short term feels pretty good it only adds to the problems long term.

    Thinking of you and hope you manage to have some fun this weekend xx

  3. oh no Julie you poor thing. I am glad it wasn't as bad as you expected though and hope that your feeling the effects positively by now.

  4. Hi Julie
    I'm sorry I didn't see your post before you had your injections so I could wish you luck but really glad it's now over and hope that you are feeling a substantial improvement. You are very very brave!!
    My DH has had to have them twice and he had amazing results. The first time was 2 1/2 years ago when he couldn't move at all - not even to get out of bed to the toilet! He was taken to hospital in an ambulance and walked out 2 hours later after the injections. He had to have it again 12 months later when he had trouble again but touch wood he has only had occasional twinges since then and its been 18 months now. He said it was awful but the amazing benefits really made it worthwhile.
    I hope you get as much relief from the back pain as he has had.
    Good Luck Julie and it's great to see you posting again too!!

  5. I loved cirque de soleil. Hubby and I went to see that last one and were totally blown away!! Amazing - you will enjoy it sooo much. I'm glad the back injections went well. It's scary stuff. After the birth classes on the weekend I've decided that I would like to try labour without the aid of epidural. It quite scares me also. The thought of not being able to feel it scares me more than the though of not being able to feel it. Weird huh! XX