Friday, June 02, 2006


Am going to have a cortisone injection into my spine today. Am very very scared. I wouldnt even have an epidural when I was in labour but the pain and discomfort has become so bad and/or not improved over the last six weeks that I have given in and am now taking this course.

My sister is driving down from the Central Coast to take me, hold my hand and bring me home afterwards which is truly wonderful of her.

Didnt go to WW last night as have not been up to going out much lately and also have been pigging out a bit (but we wont go there).

Mum rang this morning before I came to work. She sounds so different now she has moved to Queensland and is going to ring me back tonight after 8 (cheap rates). Probably happier although she said she was freezing and going back to her warm bed.

Wish me luck.

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