Monday, June 26, 2006

Back again

Well we are virtually childless. Son has moved out but until he took his computer last week was back every afternoon and usually stayed for dinner. They finally bought a refrigerator on the weekend and some furniture and he has taken the day off today to await its delivery.

DD starts at the police academy today. She has been down in Goulburn since Friday and was all teary on Friday night as she was bored and lonely. Saturday she had to pick up her orientation timetable and induction and Sunday was orientation. DH and I drove the last lot of furniture down last Tuesday and organised to rent a fridge. Her little unit is quite sweet inside. She has found out that she gets lunch 5 days a week and dinner 3 nights a week provided at the academy so that means less expense for her. She SMSed me this morning saying it was minus 5 degrees, her car was iced up and she had no feeling in her toes.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I have a question - how do I reply directly (via email) to your comments?

Back is still pretty bad. Spoke to surgeon who operated on my foot and "the putter to sleep person" (cant say that word let alone spell it) and they think I should go and have my back checked out by a spinal surgeon.

Haven't weighed in for over 2 weeks and I dont think that I have been very good foodwise. No excuses I have just lost the plot at the moment.

BUT home is so peaceful without children. I can feel that some of the stress has disappeared. Can even now, leave my things out and know that they wont "get borrowed" at least until she returns for visits. Have started cleaning the DS's room to convert into my study and folk art room. Am going to sell his king single bed on ebay when I can work out how to and then I will move my desks in and then I can reorganise the family room.

We have so many plans and no Suzy, he wont be back. I know I must sound like a terrible mother but we have told them they have only one right of return and DS has used his. I love him dearly but our house isnt big enough for 4 adults. Our first weekend home alone was very pleasant.

Anyway, hope everyone is travelling well. Only this week to work before holidays begin again (lucky me). Going to see Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday week at the Opera House (one of my twice a year Shakespeare doses) and of course it is time again for our annual 4 day Hunter Valley visit mid school holidays. I have to make the soup this year for the Friday night dinner.

Go the socceroos tonight or tomorrow morning. Even though I know nothing about soccer, I mean football, it would be a real fairytale if they could manage a win tonight.

Take care.


  1. Sorry to hear that your back is still giving you problems - I can totally sympathise with that.
    If the person has their e-mail address linked - you can just hit reply but sometimes people don't have their e-mail address linked in which case, if you hit Reply - it goes to their name-noreply-comment at blogger - you can always overwrite this with their address if you have it.
    I can't tell you how happy I was to read your comment where you said that your children have one right of return. I have felt like this and when I have made the comment, I have been made to feel like I am such a dreadful parent - THANK YOU for sharing this and making me feel like I am not the only one who feels that once a child has left home, they need to get their act together and stay in their own place.
    Enjoy R&J at the Opera House and your trip to Hunter Valley - am sure you will have a ball.
    Thank goodness I am not in Goulbourn - -5 would not be pleasant at all !!!
    Take care and look after yourself !

  2. Sorry to hear that your back is so painful. Certainly makes like difficult when pain gets in the way. Hope someone can help you.
    How exciting for you to have a new study/art room. Have fun converting it.

  3. That can't be much fun dealing with your back pain. I really do hope you can get some relief.

  4. I'm with you on the one return - although actually haven't had any. No 2 son pops in from time to time for a holiday of 10 - 14 days which is lovely - and because he's been out of the house for so long he acts like a normal guest and is very considerate. But nonetheless it's just so nice to be a twosome! Sorry to hear about your back problems - you've had a dreadful few months - and I salute you for being so cheerful throughout it all. Hope things improve soon
    Take care
    email :

  5. I love your 'only one return' - will remember that for when my boys are older:)

  6. Hi Julie
    So sorry to read that you didn't have success with the cortisone.
    Take it easy and enjoy your new found freedom in the house. I keep saying I'm going to start selling stuff on e-bay but so far have done nothing but buy a couple of things just to get a good rating.
    Take care of yourself.