Friday, June 09, 2006

A week in the life

Well the cortisone injections were not really successful but have relieved the pain I feel when I go to bed at night a bit. Pain and pins and needles running through left leg still happening. Dont know what is next but know that I am not going to let this cripple me.

Went to the gym on Tuesday after work and did some cycling which was fine and then tried to walk on the treadmill. The fastest I could go was 4.5km and that hurt. Considering I used to think 6.0 km/hr was slow made it all very frustrating but I will keep pushing the boundaries.

DS has decided to move out forthwith. He and a mate have leased a really nice (read really expensive) unit at St Leonards for 12 months. I dont think he can afford it but he wont listen so we will see. Anyway, he will be moved out by next week and I will have my folk art/study back again. Yah. Mind you, they are coming home every Monday night for a baked dinner LOL.

DDs move to Goulburn is progressing. She has the keys to the unit and has bought a lounge on ebay. DH is going to get it from Burwood on Sunday and take it and other things straight to Goulburn. It is supposed to rain on Sunday - could we possibly break Goulburn's drought - and we arent even bbqing. She was a bit teary this morning. A lot of big changes in her life but have tried to reassure her I am only a phone call away and we are so proud of her. Her boyfriend being away in Europe for the world cup is not helping either.

Mum has told my Sis2 that she is not happy in Queensland. We knew that this would happen but hopefully it was just a bad day. I must admit she sounds dreadfully tired on the phone. Have not heard from Sis1 at all but Mum is not happy that she is never home although Sis1 did warn her that she was always out playing bowls and golf. Anyway, life is calm and good without Mum continually creating problems 40 minutes away.

Am still planning to walk (at best run down hill) the city to surf. Dont know about dinner as mentioned DS and I are going to Cirque D'Soleil (?) on the Saturday afternoon and am not sure what time it finishes.

Went to to WW last night. Was not going to go because I have been a bit down and comfort eating lately but had second thoughts and realised I couldnt keep ducking the consequences of how I was feeling. Anyway was pleasantly surprised. Although I had put on 700 g in 3 weeks am still within my goal weight range. Instead of staying for the meeting went to a yoga session at the gym which was okay. I will probably go again next week although I found the instructor a bit strange. She obviously was a proper yoga person not a yoga/gym instructor (if you understand what I mean).

Hasnt the rain been welcome. Everything is looking fresh and green again Although there must have been a million weed seeds lurking in my gardens and they have now all sprouted.

Anyway plans for the weekend -
I am going to taichi tomorrow morning and will just have to sit down if I cant stand for the long periods required.
Breakfast with Irene at the gym

Not sure if there is room in the car for me to go to Goulburn too but will go if there is.
If not I may try Body Balance class
Rugby at Telstra - Australia vs England
(Hope it doesnt rain too much)

Monday (long weekend public holiday yah)
Relax day

Hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. wow! so much going on! Hope you get a bit of breathing time there! would luv to be in germany for the world cup! lol!
    sorry to hear bout your leg pain! thats terrible! hope its nothing serious and things are on the mend! hey a gain of 700g over 3 weeks isnt bad! and ur still within healthy. its all good!

  2. Gosh, I didn't realise just how serious the pains are. I am sorry to read that the injections didn't really work :-/ but you sound like a trooper and definitely not giving up!

    Hehe, so your son is moving out. I think it's a great idea for everyone to move out of home so they can learn what responsibilities are really about. I think we grow up more. At least you have Monday night family dinners! I hope your daughter's move goes well also.

    Will keep you posted about the dinner :-)

  3. Well done on staying within your goal weight range.
    Sorry the injections didn't work for you. It must be so annoying. Hope they soon find some way to get rid of the pain for you.

  4. Your spirit is amazing and I understand the pain thing you are going through so well. But with a family to look after and work and life, you can't very well lie down and let it all go on without you. I hope you get a bit of a break now and then, until it goes away for good.

    WOW you are not going to know what to do with yourself with an empty house - oh wait - yes you will. You will do things for yourself. xx

  5. What a brave woman you are! I hope the pain goes away for good some way, some how..

    Good that you're still in your goal weight range - I should move you to the at goal section then shouldn't I?!

  6. Sorry to hear the injections eren't too successful. You are amazing as you don't seem to let it get you down.

    LOL at your son moving out - he'll be back!!

  7. I hope all works out OK with your son's move and also with your daughters move to Goulburn. Empty nest!! You really should get together with Sue on that one!!

    I do hope your back gets better soon. XX

  8. Just wondering how you are feeling? Hope all is well. Take care of yourself. I soo understand empty nest worries. good luck with all the changes that are going on and email me if you want to share any down moments.

  9. How's your pain going now, any better? You must be so disappointed after going through all that you did with the injection. Fingers crossed for you.

    Your talking about your mum and kids reminds me of something Dad mentioned "I always thought I'd have to deal with kid-related crap, but never that I'd have more difficult or frustrating issues with Mum". Was your Mum lonely/clingy (for want of a better word) when you and your sisters were kids? I can see my boy's mum being tricky for us as she gets older, whereas I doubt Dad will be. The boy hasn't lived at home for 12 years and his bedroom is as he left it, it's serously shrine-like. I left home 8 years ago and the very next day my brother was in my room with Dad gladly turning his old digs into a study.

    I hope your son has a washing machine and that he doesn't bring it or ironing home to you!

  10. Just popped in to see how you are:)