Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Age Appropriate Waist

I read a newspaper article a couple of weeks ago about Martha Stewart and whoever wrote it said that she had “an age appropriate waist”. It really annoyed me. When have you ever heard a successful or infamous man (whichever way you want to look at her) described as having an age appropriate paunch. A small rant.

Well this week that has gone saw an improvement in my exercise regime. Not quite back to warm weather levels but a hell of a lot better than it was.

I started C25K again, running a different week every second day and am nearly up to where I was when it all went pear shaped.

Drinking water is still a struggle.

The amount of food I was eating didn’t really diminish unfortunately and I put on another kilo. It is so annoying that it takes so long to get off but comes back on so easily.

I made Suzy's egg and bacon pies (or a version of them) in my Sunbeam pie maker which I have had for years and never used. I had the last one today for lunch and it was delicious. I have downloaded some more recipes from her recipe site to use in my slow cooker which might help my “fright night” on Wednesdays. If anyone has anymore slow cooker recipes please feel free to email them to me or the name of a good recipe book.

I heard from Gareth last Saturday morning. We had a chat for a while and then when I turned my computer on and hopped back into bed he was on MSN so got to chat a little bit more. He sent me his site for photographs of his trip so far. There were 175. He sure was impressed with the British Museum and the Tower. Lots and lots of photos of those two places, inside and out. I don’t think he can get over how old everything is. The club house at the golf course where he has been working was built in 1780. In all those photos there were only two of him. One slightly out of focus and the other one okay. Taken by a “random” jogger for him on a bridge with the Tower Bridge glistening in the background.

I’m over half way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Enjoying it although the middle bit has slowed down a bit.

Very quiet today at work or maybe I am just a bit apathetic at the moment. Just want to go home and be apathetic there in the warmth but the gym calls.

Tai chi on Saturday. Looking forward to going but not to getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning again.

The weather is beautiful sunny winter days (23 degs C today) and cool nights. Maybe some rain tomorrow night.

Sorry if I have been whingey.


  1. You're doing well on the C25K - after having almost 2 weeks without formal exercise, I got back into it on Monday by walking, then 15min run Tuesday and by this morning did a 25min run - felt good and timing wise it fits well with my schedule so think I'll stick with that and occasionally when the notion takes me might do 30min one. So sympathise with the 1kg on - feel that if I turn my back it just leaps on - just have to constantly vigilant ..but every now and again I just get fed up doing that. Good to hear that Gareth's having fun. Clive (No2 son) is also doing a bit of globetrotting - since arriving in London he's been up to Scotland, Spain, Eos in the Greek Islands, Italy and is heading back up to Scotland again in a couple of weeks - Granny's there and a bit of spoiling and good food! This is such a long comment - should have emailed you. Hang in there kiddo!

  2. Great that you had a long catch up with your Dear Son.

    Glad you liked the pies.
    Don't forget to make the herb dumplings with your caserole. ;-)