Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hope that Santa brings you all.......

whatever you want!

Good news:

I know which joint in my ankle needs the operation now after the last injections. Back to the surgeon towards the end of January. Hopefully a successful operation will be on the cards in March. Just got to put up with the pain until then.

Looks like we are ready to start talking and planning the renovations. Will let you know how I go about winning the series of arguments that I am sure are going to arise. Love him dearly but he has no idea (probably thinks the same about me). I am going for the wars - will let the minor battles slide. I have a very long list of things that need changing, updating, fixing, etc etc.

I am now on 5 and a half weeks holiday.

I have bought myself a WiiFit for Christmas just in case everyone else forgets me. Dont laugh it has happened before. Not from the beloved Jess - she is like me in this regard and really makes an effort. Anyway, Margaret there may be a few emails coming your way.

Anyway, I must go out and deadhead those beautiful gardenias so that they look their best for Christmas day. Breakfast at Jess's, quiet lunch here and then our seafood spectacular for dinner with lots of rellies and of course my beautiful family.

Girls, I wish you all, happiness and health for Christmas and the New Year. You are a large part of my life now so take care of yourselves.

Lots of love

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  1. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Julie xx