Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Today has been a struggle. Tired and hot.
Came home from work and lay down and went to sleep.
Woke up feeling no better and ate 10-15 jatz and a slice of cake.

What in the hell am I doing? Talked to myself sternly and got off my backside and went and got the washing in. Feel better. Dont know whether it was the stern talking too or the food. Made a cup of coffee.

On another subject altogether - we have a baby brush turkey wandering around at work. Lots of goannas and water dragons too. They love the warm weather.

One of the guys I work with saw two things today on his way to work - one made him laugh and the other made him sad.

The first one is driving along Bobbin Head Road at North Turramurra saw an adult brush turkey cross the road. Even though it is near the national park is was still a funny sight in surburbia. Five years ago they were fairly rare but the fox baiting program must be working.

The second one was terribly sad. Furthr along there was a women standing with a leash in her hand and at the other end her obviously dead old golden retriever. She looked like she was in shock and was surrounded by people comforting her and trying to help. His heart must have just given up.

Made me like him even more for the softness of his heart. He is a nice man.

Going out to dinner tonight for girlfriends birthday. There will be cake, food and drinks. Have to think of some kind of strategy to get through tonight without drawing attention to the fact that I cant eat too much after todays binge. Might just tell them I am feeling a bit unwell. Am feeling this way so often these days that no one ever questions it.


  1. Hey Julie. I hope you have a great night out for your girlfriends birthday tonight. Sometimes being surrounded physically by people who love you and letting yourself get caught up in their world is such a nice release from your own world and hopefully will give you a few laughs along the way.

    In regards to the eating, just make sure you drink loads of water which will keep your hands busy and your belly full. Then it wont be too hard to minimise the snacking.

    *hugs* Have fun :)

  2. Agree with M - keep those hands busy! But enjoy the night out with yoru friends.

    Good you gave yourself the talking to!

    The story about the golden retriever was sad, we have two of them and I can imagine how devasted the woman was.

    Brush turkeys, goannas and water dragons??? Our countries are similar in many ways yet so different!

  3. That poor woman...How awful to lose your buddy so suddenly like that....

  4. Hope you had an enjoyable night out with your friends. Don't worry about your little binge...you didn't go overboard!

    Sad story about the woman and dog...awwwwwww it must have been awful for the woman.

  5. I hope you had a nice night. The girls at work don't understand when I say no to cake, so I know how hard it can be. I usually end up having a small slice just to be sociable. I only have to LOOK at food lately to put on weight though and then I end up being angry with myself.
    How sad for the lady with the dog.

  6. Hi there, so sad about the dog, I'd be devasteted if soemthing happens to my lab....good luck with the socialising, we are all in the same boat at this time of year....

  7. Am so glad I found you again - lost a lot of blogs ages ago and then stopped blogging but now that I am back I am trying to find my 'old' friends !!

    I hope you had a great evening out with your girl friends and that you didn't go too overboard with the food. And, if you did, that you are back on track again and raring to go for Christmas !!

    Take care and I'll be back again.