Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy bee

Have been confined to my study today finalising our tax. Boring. I dont think I am too late. Only time will tell. Will drop it off to accountant tomorrow on my next expedition into the local shopping centre. Already have a long list of things to do within my 3 hours parking limit.

Over the last week have put on 700g. Damn Damn Damn. Will I never learn - I can be such a moron sometimes.

I am taking Lucy the Wonderdog for a walk nearly every day although she now walks faster than me, the little show off. And I have to remember to take painkillers before I go and hope they work. Must remember to take mobile phone with me in future in case I need rescuing. Lucy the Wonderdog not up to going for help like RinTinTin or Lassie used to.

Am also trying to swim everyday - gradually increasing laps everytime in readiness for Sunday swimming when private big pool reopens when school starts. Doing aqua exercises too (supplied by Anne) but havent actually got around to using flotation belt yet. Another box to open.

Also havent had time to open WiiFit yet.

Visited Officeworks yesterday - bliss - a stationery store. Bought a new chair for study and guess what, they come in flat packs. It took me forever to put the bloody thing together but I was determined to do it ON MY OWN. This is not rocket science (much muttering and occasional swearing) but it took me forever and I really needed another set of hands a one stage but I managed on the lounge with cushions stacked under it. Put arms on the wrong way first but ended up with it all together and no pieces left over.

I also bought pretty lime green star paper clips, bright orange pack of pocket files, a new file holder, a fake plant (I know, I know - but I cant kill this one and it looked so stylish in the shop), a pack of reduced Christmas cards, print cartridges and a red stamp pad for next Christmas. All in all a satisfying trip. Also on the agenda soon is my yearly trip to IKEA.

Have gone through the Target sale catalogue and highlighted all the DVDs I want to buy that have been reduced. Plus new quilt cover for spare room.

Beloved daughter away with friends until after new year but we had the future son-in-law for dinner last night. He drove up the coast today to surprise her. She wasnt expecting him until late on new years eve. They are going to a fancy dress on new years eve - she is a giant strawberry and he is spartacus (its an S party).

I am catching up with all the unread posts on googlereader. Only 60 odd left. Sigh.

Anyway my lovelies I had better get this study sorted out a bit and I have promised to do some ironing today. The husband had to actually iron his own shirt this morning and while he did a good job it took him forever. The alarm kept going off on the iron and I thought something was wrong but I think it was just taking him an age to arrange the shirt properly on the ironing board so that he could iron it and the iron kept thinking that it had been forgotten. LOL.

Im waffling again - catch up with you all soon and have a wonderful New Years Eve.


  1. It sounds like you have been having a great time! I'm dead impressed with your swimming. Give me a yell if you're up for a catch-up when you go to Ikea; I work near there now and it would be great to see you.

    Happy new year!

  2. So you're a stationery addict too! Happy new year Z xx