Friday, December 26, 2008

Survived (but dont look at the scales)!

Well I have survived Christmas, just!

I still havent got the house quite back to normal. We have stacks of food left over. Next year I will keep a tighter rein on the ordering - this year not well enough to worry but it is worrying me now.

Still a lot of socializing to go. Dinner tonight and tomorrow night. Diet is the "see food diet" again but I think the pudding has gone, there is no more pavlova, quite a lot of mini brandy puds left but the children will make short work of them.

I had better get to work remaking the beds, putting away all the platters and things I dragged out to use.

The success of Christmas was Lucy the Wonderdog. Small child arrived last night with his parents for dinner and he was absolutely terrified of dogs. But beautiful calm Lucy and her beautiful human sister Jess won this small child over. The boy's grandmother couldnt believe her eyes and it made me so proud of my beautiful girls.

Looking out my study window at the late afternoon sunshine and watching the breeze play in the leaves of the trees I am feeling extremely lucky. Pain or no pain life is good and I am grateful. Grateful for my family and friends.

Peace to you all and so looking forward to 2009. A big year ahead. Hope it doesnt fly like this one. I want to savour it.


  1. Yep...we have a big year ahead too...a lot to do and more to see, hope it doesn't fly by, I too would like to savour it too.

    Happy New Year

  2. Yep my scales don't look too good either - but am hauling on the reins for the next three days - a bit of a splurge for new years then serious stuff for a while till I get rid of the 'tyres' All the best for 2009 - hope it's a great year for you and has much less pain in it then 2008. Take care Z xx

  3. Good for your gentle Lucy! Best of good health and good luck to you Julie in 2009!