Monday, November 08, 2010

Pandora charm award (finally)

I have lost another 200g this week. Painfully slow but still....
A pandora charm, an owl for wisdom, has joined the buddha (for calmness) on my necklace. A new charm for every kilo.

Exciting news, Jess has been allocated tickets in the ballot to go and see Oprah on the 14th December and is taking me. Woohoo! I didnt know anything about this so was very excited to get the news. Have already put in my request for long service leave for that day.

Back or whatever it is, is still painful. Had an MRI on Friday. Just part of my contributing to keeping the health system afloat in NSW. Hopefully will get some feedback today.

Still having a problem with possum in the cavity. I think we have upset him by removing part of the eaves and the outside brick wall. Mark was out there last night building a possum highway because he was afraid that he couldnt get down. So cute (Mark that is not the possum - no the possum is cute but vicious and smelly and I dont want him to live in the roof.)

Out to dinner twice on the weekend and had Italian both times and am paying for eating cheese. The rash is back. But I dont care - I love Italian and I knew when I was enjoying it that this would probably be the outcome but it will be gone in a couple of days and it was worth it.

Going to see Leonard Cohen tomorrow night at the Acer Arena at Homebush with a girlfriend. I heard that his concert last time he was here was brilliant and I am hoping for a repeat performance.

Have a great week everyone. Under 7 weeks to Christmas - dont panic!

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  1. ahhh I love pandora...I am due for a new charm !
    Oprah...wowwwwww excitement plus !!