Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the good the bad and hopefully no ugly

Starting with the good news - the scales told me I lost 1.2 kgs last week. After weeks of 100g and 200g losses (yes I know a loss is still a loss) you could have knocked me over with a feather at this weeks weigh in. I am back in the 60"s, just.

The bad is that everyone has tried to get me an emergency appointment with the neurosurgeon but they all hit the bane of so many peoples lives - the doctors receptionist. Firstly I found out that the rheumatologist's receptionist had not passed the MRI results on even though the email I received from her said she would. That had wasted nearly two weeks. Then the GP rang on Monday as I had spent three days in bed because the pain has escalated and she was told there are no emergency appointments and given the name of another doctor who is probably ok but this is my spine and I really want the best surgeon so I will wait until January for my appointment. GP has increased the slow release morphine dose and upped the painkiller and I've got my disability parking back again.

Yesterday I went back to work and found out that a friend who worked in the park and who I used to have coffee and gossip with had committed suicide on Saturday. Even now I am having trouble with this and tearing up. I should have been a better friend. I know loneliness and depression were part of the problem. Damn we get wrapped up in our own lives and don't reach out to others because we are too busy. I was alone at work yesterday and my beloved daughter who is on holidays and studying for her detective exams came down and spent the day with me so that I wasn't alone.

I have been a bit slack lately with reading you blogs. Not any more. I am going to get myself an iPad and I am going to carry it with me at all times so that I can find out what is going on in your lives at any moment.

Jess and I are going to see Harry Potter on Friday and then Gareth and I are going to see Twelfth Night by the Bell Shakespeare Company on Saturday. Very very different things but I love them both.

Finally, my thoughts are with the families and friends of the trapped miners. Have just heard the news of the second explosion and that there are no expected survivors. Gut wrenchingly crappy news. Namaste - May peace be with you all - eventually.


  1. Good luck with your appointment.

    So sad about your friend, such a shock for you. Please try and ease those guilt feelings.

    Tragic about our miners, gutting as I was hoping they would get some of them out alive, feeling so much for the families.

  2. I think you need to eliminate Christmas from your calendar - every year at this time your health decides to slug you big time. I just feel for you so much. Like you I'm a tad ambivalent about the new WW PP system - love that fruit has not points - I'm a real fruit bat! but the wine points have totally skittled me!! Surely wine is made from grapes which are a fruit!! Hmmm maybe not. Lovely times with your family - we're so lucky that we have such good close relationships with our children. Take care sweet one Zxx

  3. woooooohoooooo well done on the great loss, thats awesome !

    heard the news about the miners tonight, may they all rest in peace.

  4. The battle with the medical world can just be so exhausting!

    Well done on your loss this week, it's amazing you can even think about healthy eating with everything else going on.