Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday - the last one of 2013

Today doesn't feel like Saturday. It's all these public holidays. But M has gone off to golf so it must be Saturday.

Once again awoke feeling nauseated. It is a bit like morning sickness if I remember. I just want to lie in bed but eventually I dragged myself out of bed, put on my walking gear and Lucy and I set off into the mid morning.

Saw the usual cast of people I see in the mornings. Did my weed mantra and saw a different one which I think is a moth vine but it is in flower so I will hit the books later and try and pin it down. (Yes it was.)

Lucy and I were visited by the wrens - beautiful blue wrens and the slightly drab but nevertheless cute Jenny wrens. They seem to becoming more bold with us and we are seeing them more and more. They move like greased lightening but we know they are there in the thickets of lantana and privet (weeds do serve a purpose) because we can hear them.

We haven't seen the finches with red beaks again though.

One disturbing thing was at the local preschool which borders our park, the local idiots got in last night and moved some of the play furniture into the park. Hopefully nothing was broken. Probably under aged drinkers as there was broken bottles and rubbish there that wasn't there last night. I rang the police when I got home as I thought they would have the number of the owners of the preschool. I just don't understand this kind of senseless destruction.

Anyway am feeling better now, stomach a bit queasy still but better. Time for shower  and then cleaning and start to take down the Christmas decorations.

A typical Saturday for me. Back later I hope.

Nearly 2 pm and I am not feeling all that well. Have sort of done half  the house and am now sitting on the front verandah sipping peppermint tea and hoping it will settle my tummy.

Have swept and watered all the pot plants out here and have been rewarded by a beautiful black and white butterfly flitting around. I think it was an Orchard Butterfly.  The breeze is cool here and the cicadas are drumming along beautifully. I keep getting buzzed by a large orange and black beetle, maybe a rose chafer.  Lucy and I had to have a serious talk about the sanctity of life when it somehow ended up on its back a couple of metres from her. She was very interested in it but stopped when told to and I was able to turn it over and off it flew.  It was just in a life and death struggle with a spider but managed to get away. I wouldn't have interfered because that is just nature. I don't think it is a very smart beetle.

A small plant keeps appearing in the garden and it looks like wandering jew. I have been trying to eradicate it because Lucy is violently allergic to wandering Jew (the rash and discomfit she suffers has to be seen to be believed) but I have just checked my books and it might actually be a native called basket grass. Not that it matters because it is something growing where it shouldn't so it has to go but it sure is tenacious.

Oh well, I have to finish cleaning  - bedrooms and bathrooms to go. Stomach does feel a bit settled, maybe the peppermint tea did help.

Didn't last long. Lunch took care of that feeling of wellness but I finished the house and then slept most of the afternoon alternating with reading and listening to the cricket.

Time for bed really now. Hope tomorrow is better because I am planning more time in the garden.

Good night.

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