Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday -a day in the garden

Have woken this morning to the sound of the wind roaring through the trees. The southerly buster has arrived at last.  Lucy must have gotten cold because she is snuggled in beside me.

The nauseous feeling is still here but not as bad as before. Breakfast should take care of that I think.

An easy day ahead. I have to water the rose garden this morning to give it time to dry out during the day so to keep the black spot down. The plants at the back will also need watering and I have to start thinking about the design for the watering system plus fixing the existing ones. I stopped using them in the drought years so there is a fair bit of maintenance needed before they are up and running. Looks like a trip to Bunnings is coming up again.

And just a general tidy up of the garden in between watching the cricket.

If the wind drops Lucy and I will walk again. She doesn't like the wind much but if I think she should go she will humour me.  It makes her skittish and there is more of a chance that she will trip me but the exercise is good for us.

I find a day in the garden so uplifting. I may have to take rests but ultimately just being outside makes me feel better.

I trimmed and weeded all gardens today. Probably doesn't look all that different but I know it is. A couple of wind related things happened today.

1.  A pot, a big long pot, with large lillipillies in in got blown down from the top level of the plant stands M built last summer. I don't know how it didnet damage the plants on the lower two levels but other than top dressing them more soil nothing else was damaged.  We repotted the lillipillies and left them on the ground until the wind dropped. Because they couldn't fall any further.

2.  A large branch came down from the turpentine tree out the front. M joked that he had sawed it half way through and was supposed to get me. Oh well, missed again. He might have better luck next time.

We won the fourth test against England today in Melbourne.   Now have to wait until early January for the last test in Sydney.

Tomorrow is pretty mundane things. The gym, pathologist and ironing. Oh and the kids are coming home as usual for Monday night baked dinner. I can't wait.

Have a good night everyone and sleep well.

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