Monday, October 27, 2008

You Can Tell.....

You can tell that I am back at work again due to the lack of posts and comments.

This last term of the year is always busy as some person (read moron) decided that the financial year for schools should end on 30 November. Now it is hectic for me and I dont have students preparing for exams, end of year festivities etc etc. I just have teachers who have forgotten that they were supposed to do fieldwork activities ringing up begging a day but what can I do - we are just about booked out or should I say booked. Every year it is the same thing, book early I tell them but no. Oh well maybe one day the planets will align and everything will slot into place.

Weight is stable at too much. Wedding is two weeks away so it doesnt look like I will reach my goal started all those months ago.

Weather is back to broiling again. But I dont mind after all it is spring/summer.

So I will apologise for my slackness yet again.

Folk art and yoga and pilates and Princess Lucy take up so much time not to mention work.

Off I go once again as the tribe is descending on the house tonight for their weekly baked dinner. They never miss it if they are in town and our week wouldnt be the same without them especially now that they have all flown the coop.

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  1. Weather is very cool here considering its nearly November,,,,still wearing jeans and 2 jumpers to keep warm!! Bring on some warm weather....I can't wait for it !!!