Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Was I waffling on the other day about it being Spring.

Then it serves me right!

It's bloody freezing today.

It's snowing up in the Blue Mountains.

It is pouring rain and blowing a gale.

The people across the road have lit their fire again.

I have to go out in it again to yoga!

I will sleep well tonight.

They have promised back to hot by the weekend although I could do with a wet Sunday. Still havent done my tax stuff for the accountant.

Should get a phone call any day now.

Waffling again - I'm off.


  1. and it's ten to six in the evening here and it's still 30.2 degrees and its only October! Z xx

  2. Morning time here, coolish and very wet. Been raining all night, the water tanks are over flowing. Roll on Summer!!!

  3. The sun has been shining here, but ohhhhhh I am sure the wind comes from the north pole, sheez its cool, still have to wear a jumper!! Bring on summer!!!