Saturday, October 18, 2008

Black and Blue

I have noticed this week that I have a few large bruises on the left side of my body - legs and arms.

This morning when I was straightening my hair I saw more enormous bruises on my arm and innocently asked The Husband if he had taken to beating me when I was asleep.

The look I got was priceless - didnt I remember falling over in the hallway last Sunday night (see previous post for that day), then getting angry with him for no reason and he just threw his hands up in the air and let me go my merry (or not merry) way.

Oh I was bad - I dont remember at all.

Mind you I only have his word for this event happening and even though he is so trustworthy I think my explanation sounds better and doesnt reflect badly on me so that is the one I am going with.

Have been dress shopping this morning for a wedding that is coming up - bought him 4 new business shirts and an attachment for the vacuum but no dress.

I hate dress shopping!


  1. I with you there....I hate dress shopping too. What I like my body hates, and what my body likes I hate and all that trying on, eeeeeeeek!!

  2. I went wedding outfit shopping yesterday too! Object was for my sister to get something to wear to her sons' wedding. She did and it was gorgeous. I was going to look for me as well, but then just wasn't in the right mood, so came home empty handed.