Monday, October 13, 2008

Trust Me

Trust me, it may have been alright on Saturday night but drinking a bottle of wine (probably more) on Sunday night was definitely not a good idea.

Walked (or should I say danced) home with The Husband holding on to me to make sure I didnt kill myself or run out into the traffic, in my socks, because I couldnt get my boots back on.

You would hope that I would be passed this phase by now but NOOOOOOO!

Very very very very unwell and turned into the bitch from hell (why dont I realise that alcohol makes me agressive).

I slept in the spare room as I was very very very cross.

All in all a hell of a night. Very little to eat today. Went back to bed after The Husband left for work and was late for said work. But I really think they were lucky I was there at all considering all I wanted to do was lie down and die.

I only went because there was supposed to be a group attending a 4 night course arriving and if I didnt turn up they would be milling around outside waiting for my workmates who get to sleep in. Nobody turned up. Convenor had thought he had told me that the course had been cancelled (maybe he told the other Julie from the other planet - the nice one).

And I looked like hell - still do. BUT I did go the gym after work and I have finally had something to eat.

I think I am still married although this morning I didnt get a goodbye kiss *sigh*.


  1. Well we had the reverse in our house last night - Bloss had a couple of beers than one or six wines and turned into the bastard from hell - he didn't sleep in the spare room but I'm still mad as hell at him tonight! Funny these parallels we keep having!!!! Hope you feel better now Z xx

  2. You sound a bit of a rebel!! and you got to the gym despite feeling like that - well done!!!