Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy News and a Brand New Week

The happy news is that the baby elephant that they thought had died in its mother's womb has been born this morning at 3:27am ALIVE! The male calf is not out of the woods yet and still may not make it but I have put out an email on my work network and am hoping that the power of positive thinking will make him strong. That and the fairy dust I am throwing of course.

This post was supposed to come out on Monday. A brand new day for a brand new week but as often happens,life intervenes.

I have had two fairly ordinary weeks. Lost the plot yet again.

Back on my eating plan sort of. Going to the gym and doing little things. Physio thinks I may be able to start walking slowly on treadmill now. Will see how I go this afternoon because although I was told I can use the crosstrainer it still worries me.

Bought a kindle and it has arrived but while I have charged it at work have not had time to register it etc etc at home because I need passwords and keep forgetting to bring it to work. It can join my twenty or so books on my bedside table one I get it up and running.

Hard time for my sisters last week. One was in hospital having womens problems resolved and now has to do nothing for at least six weeks. This may prove to be an impossibility because she never stays still long but as it is her third similar operation she had better.

The other was away down the South Coast on a mini holiday when she lost her footing on a track down from a lighthouse and fell and broke her wrist. In a lot of pain and she is not good at pain.

I am going to get out my Wii Fit this week and work out how to use it. The children have used it but not me and I have had it since Christmas 2008. Gadget girl strikes again.

Jess and I went to see "The Blindside" last night which stars Sandra Bullock. This was a lovely movie and Sandra Bullock was great as Leigh Anne Tuohy who, if she is anything like the charater that Sandra Bullock portrayed, is an amazing woman with an amazing family. I didnt realise that it was based on a true story. Mark wouldnt come but I think he would have enjoyed it if he had - the big softie.

His retirement is going slowly. Went to work yesterday and really didnt want to be there. Working from home today and as the weather has changed and it is raining Lucy the Wonderdog will be glad.

Am trying to catch up with blogs (nothing to do work). There are 240 odd backed up in my reader but I will get there. I was on facebook a lot more than usual lately while Gareth was away but now I probably wont be there too often as I cant believe how much time I can waste on it. The hours just fly by.

Going to see King Lear this Sunday. I do so love Shakespeare. I also have to buy a dress for this wedding in Queensland. I guess Townsville in April will be warm. All our flights and accommodation are booked, wedding present bought. Children have decided not to come as it all worked out too expensive and Jess's partner was not invited.

Okay I had better get back to work. See ya.


  1. Now who's the techno bunny - I didn't even know what a kindle was - had to google it! Kindle to a Scot is what you do to get the fire going. Thanks for the movie feedback - I never read movie reviews so always wonder what I should go and see. Have a good week Love Zxx

  2. Was great news about the baby elephant...loved hearing he was ok.
    Hope your sisters are going to be alright....
    Have a great week.

  3. Great, about an elephant