Friday, March 26, 2010

Week One - Day Four

Slight miscalculation yesterday and ended up eating baked beans (good protein and fibre though) for dinner so that I came in under my calories.

Something funny I noticed - I was hungry last night before dinner but after my rather small meal last night I wasnt hungry. I dont quite understand it but was thankful anyway.

Sleep was okay too.

So today (Friday) I am going to attempt to go to the gym after work for an hour. Hopefully between now and this afternoon I wont crash and burn.

Physio was yesterday and is progressing. Jess wants me to go to pilates tomorrow but still feel not quite ready yet. Plan to go during the school holidays when old teacher is teaching. I feel more comfortable with her then the new one but after I intend to go back to Saturday mornings at the beginning of next term. Also plan to go back to yoga.

Have a great weekend everyone - weigh in is Monday morning.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you managed to get to gym on Friday night and good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow !
    Have a great week.