Monday, March 29, 2010

Week One - Day 7?

Monday morning - I weighed in this morning and managed to lose 1.8 kgs this week. This looks impressive but really it isnt as I put on 1.5kg the week before to put it all in perspective but at least I am on the downward slope again.

Got to the gym on Friday night. Was not going to go all the way home from work right until I got near the top of my street and then for once the little voice said, you know you will feel better if you do, and I kept going and it was right.

Three more days of work until the end of this school term. Have to go to a workshop in the city tomorrow so hopefully wont overindulge in the lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided. I find it hard to estimate this kind of food so tend to not bother recording but I will be sensible tomorrow.

Mark is cooking dinner at the moment which is amazing. He is a good cook but since he has semi retired he hasnt volunteered to do any of the cooking.

He is dropping me in the city tomorrow and then taking my Dyson vacuum cleaner back. It is one of the ones that has been recalled due to a fault. Will not have a vacuum cleaner for a little while - oh well them's the breaks.

New motto - Eat less move more.


  1. Well done kiddo - and huge pats on the back for going to the gym. I know what you mean about working out points when eating out - it just gets soo difficult - I usually try and make a fair guess and hope for the best. Happy easter Zxx

  2. Last year I was really good ---did some Tai Chi almost every day [outside....]and then along came Winter, and I sat on the couch instead in the evenings. You've reminded me I need to get back to doing the healthier thing [which is also fun---once I get started!]