Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas is coming

It's hot and I havent gone to the gym as planned as I was late leaving work and it is Jess' actual 21st today and I have to cook spag bol plus friends coming to drop in more presents and drink champers. Mark coming home early from work to be master of ceremonies. (He asked yesterday how long this birthday actually goes on for.) We've had 4 pre-birthday days, today is the actual and then apparently there are post-birthday days. LOL.

Work is very hectic at the moment still but come Friday it should start to settle down and then I just have to finish everything in three days before I'm off to my health spa (sorry,I meant hospital) to put my feet up literally. Note to self: get crutches organised. Asked at work today if they would consider installing an inclinator so that I could come to the Christmas party. Might just have to sit down on the grass and have people serve me down there if I cant manage the stairs.

Food wise - this week has been more off the rails than normal. You'd think it was my birthday the amount of cake I have eaten.

Have to get my Chrissie shopping done this weekend. Jess wants an iPod for Christmas but I looked at them on the web and they are way too expensive. Mind you I have one but it has been no end of trouble so I am going to try and talk her into a MP3 player. I know the iPods look cute but I really dont think they are all that reliable (from personal observations only). Garet wanted a season ticket to the Waratahs next year so that was easy. Now just have to get something for Mark and stocking fillers for the kids (they still insist Santa is real), have ordered the ham, Mark will do the seafood and I guess anything else that needs doing.

Ive got to stop buying tops in young people's shops. The sizing seems to be out to billyo. Goodness knows, how the teenagers with weight problems feel trying on clothes in these places - they probably feel even more of a failure because the shops dont have their size. What they dont realise is that the sizing is wacko. Or is it just me. I can fit into a medium or a size 12 most of the time now but the other day I had to take back 2 medium sized tops to "Cotton On" and exchange them for 2 larges and they just fit comfortably. Not good for the ego I can tell you.

Might go for a swim now, there is a westerly blowing and poor Lucy is a puddle on the ground behind my chair. Housework to do before I do though.
Hope everyone has had a good day
PS - Philippa, cant post a comment on your site. It might be my computer, gremlins or the heat who knows. Loved your photos.


  1. Sizing is just disgraceful. Not only do we have to deal with inconsistencies in Australian sizing but International sizing is all over the place too. I often wonder if they bother to change the sizes when the come into the country.

    I mean, like you, I can now fit into most (not all) 12's from a standard shop. But surf shops would still be a 16. I think I would prefer to buy from American shops as I think I would now be an 8 - 10. Silly things. No wonder I am starting to cut the labels out again LOL.

    Hope you have a great day Julie. And I think definitely get them to wait on you on the lawn. You deserve it :D

  2. The sizing in all shops varies sooo much. Big W while you would have though would be pretty fair as actually pretty terrible. I'm just starting to fit nicely into size 18 clothes and I have to go into 22's there! It's definately disheartening to say the least. Hope all goes OK with the op. Wishing you the speediest of speedy recoveries! XX

  3. Blogger has been playing up this week Julie - hence my one lone post for the week! Thank you for thinking of me on here, I'm glad you liked the photos.

  4. Girl, you are busier than a one-eye'd man at a peep show. Don't forget to stop and smell. . .whatever it is we're supposed to smell.